The One Hong Kong Cafe

When I heard about the newly opened The One Hong Kong Café that promised the most authentic Hong Kong-style food in Adelaide, I couldn’t resist going along to check it out.

Being born in Hong Kong over 20 years ago, I am always looking for smells or tastes that remind me of the country I spent my first years in. And what better way than to eat traditional food from that country?

Adelaide Food Central got to try an amazing list of their traditional savoury meals, but keep an eye out on their social media as we’ve been given the insider information that a dessert menu is about to pop up soon!

So without further ado here is a list of some of the incredible dishes we tried!

Special Fried Rice
This incredibly flavoursome fried rice was a crowd winner for sure. The rice was hot & fluffy and soaked up all of the delicious sauce. We opted to add prawns into it giving the dish that extra kick. Paired with spring onion & salty egg we couldn’t help ourselves from going back for seconds.

Spring Rolls
These spring rolls act as the perfect side for your main meal or give you an option if you’re after something a little bit lighter. With a double-cooked coating, these vegetarian spring rolls are crunchy on the outside whilst still maintain a soft and creamy interior.

Salt & Pepper Squid
Salt and pepper squid is a cult favourite in Australian pubs, but this dish is reimagined a little bit differently. Small pieces of squid are thinly coated in a salty batter that doesn’t distract from the main point of the meal: the squid. Served on a bed of crispy rice noodles, the squid is firm, with a mild flavour and is a delicious addition to the menu.

Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk
This is a dish that I haven’t seen before (not even in Hong Kong!) but it is exceptional. Keep in mind that if – like myself – you haven’t peeled a prawn before, you’re about to get your hands dirty. But, it is worth the effort, because these tender prawns are deliciously balanced by salty egg yolk and left us wanting more.

Fried Chicken Wings
These wings are a little bit different than your traditional Korean style fried chicken, but trust us, they’re just as good! This dish serves four wingettes that are both juicy and succulent on the inside while being perfectly balanced with a light and crispy coating on the outside.

Stir-Fried Beef with Black Bean Sauce
You’re likely to have tried a Westernised version of stir-fried beef with black bean sauce, but this dish is something else. While it is very similar to the westernised version, it is lighter in flavour in the best way possible. The dish is cooked with thinly sliced beef accompanied by a medley of stir-fried vegetables.

So, head to The One Hong Kong Café from 5pm – late on Tuesdays – Sundays, for the most authentic Hong Kong food in Adelaide!

Words by Meika Bottrill

WHERE: 133 Gouger St, Adelaide


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