Busan Baby – August 2020

This is now my third time dining at the modern Korean restaurant, Busan Baby. Opening just before COVID hit, it was uncertain to determine if this diner would take off. It is safe to say the bright, modern and vibrant eatery is doing more than okay. Their tables are constantly packed out with the hustle and bustle of the weekend, and even the weekday crowds. Apart from eat of course one of my favourite things to do is admire the funky lights and incredible art work painted within the restaurants walls.

We were lucky enough to once again try their authentic, tasty, comforting menu:

Chargrilled Sweet Corn served with Popcorn Powder
One of the best things to do is to gnaw on a yellow corn cob. The juicy kernels provide a sweet combination that you can’t get enough of. Coat this with a slightly spiced sauce and you create Busan Baby’s irresistible corn cob. Probably the best corn you will taste. The addition of the popcorn powder helps to give the dish that extra heightened texture, which works well with the runny corn juice and creamy sauce.

Pork and Chive Mandoo (Crispy Korean Fried Dumpling)
I have always preferred my dumplings steamed, but the skin on these dumplings made me turn my head. Inside the crunchy fried coating was a pink pork filling, which has been superbly cooked. I couldn’t stop eating these bad boys and they have convinced me that you can get amazing fried dumplings, steamed is not always the way to go.

Fried Chicken Slider with Crispy Chicken, Brioche Bun, Coleslaw
I find that a lot of chicken sliders taste very similar and you know what you are going to get. This mini chicken burger blew me away with its burst of sweet flavour with every bite. I couldn’t quite work out where it was coming from, but it was a taste that I could not get enough of. The creamy coleslaw paired perfectly with the crispy chicken, that crunched at every bite.

KFC – Soy Garlic and Spicy KFC Sprinkled with Peanuts
I personally think that Busan Baby do some of the best fried chicken. It beats anything that I have had before. The deep-fried coating is consistently seasoned with love which can be tasted in every bite. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of the peanut coating as this incorporated a satay chicken like flavour. Generally after eating a lot of fried chicken I feel quite sick. Whenever I eat Busan Baby’s KFC I leave feeling incredibly happy and not like I have eaten half a tub of oil. Highly recommend ordering at least one flavour.

Kimchi Katsu Chicken (Chicken Schnitzel with Melted Cheese and Fried Kimchi)
The highlight of the night, and the best chicken schnitzel you will ever lay your eyes on. This incredibly huge piece of bird will get you excited just by looking at it. The gooey cheese slathered over the top of the chicken pairs perfectly well with the crispy outing. The dangerous thing about this dish is that with every bite you want to keep eating more.

Spicy Pork Ribs (24 Hour Stewed Whole Spicy Pork Ribs)
This large rack of ribs produced flavours of spice, plum and damm right deliciousness. Stewing pork over a long period of time is guaranteed to generate the best outcome, the meat pulling off the bone. The sweet plum coating worked perfectly with this type of meat, and is a classic Asian style flavoured dish.

Ram-don Jjapagurri (Tossed Ramen with Bulgogi Beef)
Ram-don jjapugurri is one of my favourite dishes on the menu, as I love bulgogi beef. This type of meat is extremely soft and works well with most type of noodles. I enjoyed the use of ramen noodles, as it is nice to see them being used in something other than soup. The thick noodles are tossed in a delicious and vibrant sauce and work superbly with the beef.

Silken Seafood Tofu Stew (Spicy Stew with Soft Tofu and Seafood)
This dish is great for those seafood lovers. They bring this to the table in a hot pot style and place it on fire letting the juice warm up. This is a great idea as you know you’re always going to get food at the best temperature. The mixture of all the most elite seafood you can imagine including squid, octopus and prawns, and accompanied by the silkiest, chunky tofu.

Bubble Milk Tea and Matcha Chiffon
I am not a huge fan of Asian style desserts, they aren’t really my style. After trying these chiffon cakes my mind has been completely changed. I would literally go to the restaurant just to eat these. The soft outside compliments the cold custard like filling in the inside. The dessert is not too sweet which makes it incredibly appealing. I just couldn’t stop eating these and I am so glad I jumped out of my comfort zone to try.

Thank you so much to the team at Busan Baby for having us along. It is always a pleasure and you are one of our favourites.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 272 Morphett St, Adelaide


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