Yankee’s Burger Bar

On Monday 31st of August, we were invited to the grand opening of Yankee’s Burger Bar to sample a range of their incredible American inspired menu.

Co-owners Divy Daraniya, Parimal Gotecha and Nikunj Gandhi opened the American inspired restaurant boasting a menu of milkshakes, desserts, hot dogs, incredible sides and of course mouth-watering burgers.

The best part? Of course, all of their burgers are served with a delicious side of crunchy and hot chips!

The Tropical Hawaiian

This burger is the perfect meal for those of us who that love pineapple (we are included in this group!) Two thick strips of juicy and succulent crispy chicken make up the main patty. The saltiness of the bacon is balanced by the sweetness of the pineapple slices and caramelised bacon. To top it all of the baconised mayo brings all the ingredients together.

Crispy Fish

This burger was an unexpected winner for us. Succulent and tender fish coated in a crispy patty that sits on a bed of crisp lettuce. Sour pickles were an excellent addition to this burger providing a burst of flavour in your mouth. Topped with fresh juicy tomato and tangy tartare sauce, this burger ticks all the right boxes.

The Garden Green Veg

Often burgers and vegetarians don’t always mix. This isn’t the case for Yankees Burger Bar. The main feature of this burger is the aromatic garden green patty that is bright green in colour and bursting in flavour. Served with cheese, incredible mozzarella sticks, crisp lettuce and sour pickles that add a hit of flavour. Topped off with a sweet caramelized onion, salsa sauce and Yankee’s special sauce, this dish proves that vegetarians don’t always need to miss out.

Yankee’s Special

The Yankee’s Special is a meat lovers delight. The burger comes with layers of thick, well-seasoned beef patties that are covered with melted cheese and crispy bacon. The dish features sweet caramelised onion balancing the savoury pickles.

Premium Deluxe Dog

While burgers are definitely their thing, hot dogs are not left out on this menu. The premium deluxe dog is served with a decent sized cheese Kransky sitting on a bed of lightly dressed coleslaw. The slices of jalapeño give it a kick, while the baconised mayo and BBQ sauce bring all of the elements together.

Chicken Wings

Yankee’s wingettes are a crowd-pleasing side for sure. Served in a light, crunchy coating, the chicken was juicy and succulent and accompanied with your choice of dipping sauce.

Bacon Loaded Fries

Of course, we haven’t seen anything more American than loaded fries. This dish features generous portions of rasher bacon smothered with a thick, rich gravy, sitting on a bed of crispy French fries.

Mac and Cheese
Creamy mac and cheese bites coated in a light and crunchy batter. We don’t see mac and cheese done like this very often and we were pleasantly surprised!

Onion Rings
Crispy batter coating deliciously tender rings of onion. This dish is an incredible side and left us wanting more!

If we haven’t sold you enough, Yankee’s Burger Bar is open from 10 am – 10 pm (open till late on weekends) so you can grab a burger and try it yourself!

Words by Meika Bottrill

WHERE: 225 Rundle St, Adelaide



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