Siberia – Breakfast

Located in the old East Terrace Continental (ETC), Siberia are a recently opened European restaurant, bar and now café. If you were famillar with ETC, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new décor. The restaurant pairs modern and vintage interior that is warm and inviting in a large opening dining area, meaning there is plenty of space for you to spread out with a large group of people or simply by yourself.

While at night you can except incredible European inspired dishes such as wild boar or venison, in the morning’s owners Serge and Elena Ambrose serve a more traditionally Australian brunch menu similar to the old menu at ETC.

On Sunday the 23rd of August, we were invited to sample some of their delicious brunch menu options with the warm promise from owner Serge Ambrose that he will never let a customer leave his restaurant hungry (and boy was he right).

Eggs With The Lot
The Eggs with The Lot is a rustic, nicely presented dish with a generous serving size for the hungriest of brunch eaters. If you’re after a traditional comfort meal to fuel you up for the day, this is the dish for you. With lean and well-seasoned grilled sausages, crispy and salty prosciutto and a thick and lean cut bacon, this dish is perfect for a Sunday morning feed. Accompanied with crispy mushrooms that were soft and earthy in flavour, delicate, leafy spinach and grilled cherry tomatoes that provided a burst of natural sweetness to balance the saltiness of the meat. Of course, we can’t forget the delicious and runny poached eggs served with lightly toasted sourdough.

Fanned Avocado with Salmon and added Eggs
In my opinion, no brunch place is complete without a really good smashed avocado. Siberia offers an Australian cult classic with a European twist; fanned avocado instead of smashed. The fanned avocado looks incredible on the plate and tastes even better. The dish has a generous serving of avocado that is fresh and buttery and easily spreads into the toasted sourdough. The salmon was divine, with a distinctive salty taste, the dish is well paired and leaves you more than satisfied. The meal is also served with lemon to provide a sour note to your dish. On recommendation, we added poached eggs to this dish which were cooked perfectly with a firm egg white and runny egg yolk.

Of course, brunch is never complete without delicious coffee, and Siberia serves up just that. Hot, bold and creamy coffee is served in tall latte glasses meaning you really get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for the next new place to enjoy brunch, you can take our word for it, Siberia on East Terrace is the place to go.

Words by Meika Bottrill
WHERE: 6 East Terrace, Adelaide


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