Cheeky Chook Eats

Who doesn’t love a good serve of chicken and chips? Cheeky Chook Eats has you covered for anything delicious and deep fried. We were delighted this week to visit and try some of their famous chicken.

Cheeky Chook Eats is a new venture for famed Adelaide-born chef, Adam Swanson. Adam has always had a huge passion for food and is the genius behind award-winning Mediterranean restaurant Zucca, as well as being a renowned master of Italian and Greek cuisine. Cheeky Chook Eats is something new and refreshing for Adam, and he is so prepared to give a spin on classic chicken shop tastes that we all know and love.

Cheeky Chook Eats is all about eating fresh, good food. Everything from the fried chicken, the salads, and the variety of fries are all made in house. Adam and his wife Betty have made Cheeky Chook Eats into a gorgeous space fit for any occasion. Whether you want a good takeaway, a quick place for lunch or a nice sit-down dinner, Cheeky Chook Eats is the place to be. Plus, there is beer and cider on tap, perfect for those wanting to level up their meal.

Here is what we enjoyed:

Buttermilk Chicken Pieces
Beautifully presented in American Diner themed paper and baskets, these fried chicken pieces are crunchy on the outside and beautifully tender on the inside. Coated in a secret spiced coating curated by Adam himself, this fried chicken is packed with flavour. We dipped our pieces in some smoky chipotle aioli and loved how well the flavours complemented each other. Best fried chicken in SA!

Quarter Chook Combo
A classic in chicken shops, Cheeky Chook Eats brings its’ own twist on chicken packs. With your choice of their fat twice-cooked chips, salad or veg, a Quarter Chook Combo is perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner. We loved the crispy fat chips, again seasoned with a secret mix of spices by Adam. The chicken was fresh and cooked to perfection, such an easy and delicious meal.

Sweet Potato Fries & Waffle Fries
Everyone’s favourites have arrived at Cheeky Chook Eats. Battered and crispy sweet potato fries and fluffy waffle fries are the perfect accompaniment to Cheeky Chook’s fried chicken. Enjoyed with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce or homemade gravy, just too easy to eat!

Betty’s Beef Burger
This is only the juiciest burger you’ll ever have. Betty’s Beef Burger is made up of a charcoal grilled angus beef patty with lettuce, provolone cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and lashings of tangy pickled mustard. We loved this reworked traditional burger; the flavours together are everything a good burger needs.

West Fried Burger
Cheeky Chook Eats’ famous buttermilk fried chicken is paired with lettuce, provolone cheese, bacon and chipotle aioli in a fluffy brioche bun. The chicken is complimented well with the smoky aioli and we loved the bacon in there for added texture and taste. Such a juicy and delicious burger!

Souvlakia Pack
Adam certainly has put his Greek cookery skills in the mix here! This Souvlakia pack comes with your choice of chicken or lamb with salad, chips, pita and a herbed yogurt dressing. The meat just melted in your mouth and went well dipped in the herbed yogurt. We loved this to share with a pint of Cheeky Chook Eats’ own beer on tap.

What could beat a classic AB? Cheeky Chook Eats certainly does this old favourite well. With their twice-cooked fat chips, chargrilled smoky chicken, garlic mayo, barbeque sauce and hot chilli sauce, this AB is so well received. Perfect food for a lazy Sunday.

Pulled Chook Bowl
If you fancy something you can customize yourself, try a Pulled Chook Bowl. You’re able to pick your own two salads and pair them with pulled chicken, chicken schnitzel or charcoal grilled chicken. We loved how fresh and colourful the salads were, along with just how many there were to choose from! We went with a pumpkin and feta salad and a beetroot, rocket and purple radish salad. A Pulled Chook Bowl sounds like the perfect to-go lunch to us!

Thank you so much to Adam, Betty and the Cheeky Chook Eats team for having us. If you’d like to check them out for a good feed, you can find them on Henley Beach Road at Lockleys.

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 438 Henley Beach Rd, Lockleys


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