Siberia – Dinner 2

Siberia is a fabulous fine-dining restaurant in the heart of the city of our beloved Adelaide. Behold, the newest high end European restaurant is now officially open and they are bringing their game to a whole other level.

We had the pleasure of being spoiled to a beautifully presented 3 course meal.

To start with, we had the Bouquet of Roast Vegetables in green oil. Simple yet full of flavour. As you can see from the image below, the presentation speaks for itself, so well and pretty. Rolled zucchinis with roast pumpkin inside, such a sweet and soft texture.

Second entree was Tussle of Cabbage, Wild Porcini, Exotic Forest Mushrooms steamed in white wine, sour cream and served with parmigiano truffle cheese and black truffle oil on the side. This combination is so well done. The parmigiano cheese truffle and truffle oil enhances the flavours of the dish, making it so hard to resist the second bite until you lick the plate clean.

Looking at the menu for their mains, I came across a few dishes that I personally was not familiar with. But that’s the best part. They highlight the differences of their cultures and cuisine. Some of the dishes are Wild Boar Backstraps, Rabbit, Mushroom Crepes, Lamb Backstraps. We were delighted to have Wild South Australian Rabbit with Sour Cream Sauce, Baby Carrot and Greens. Such a satisfying meal and it’s been a while since we saw rabbit on the menu.

Our second main course was the Siberian Dumplings in a Napolitana sauce base. So exactly what you would expect in a Napolitana sauce base flavour but with dumplings instead of pasta. The texture was perfect and the skin was intact yet soft when eaten. All in all, the fillings were generous and definitely tasty.

I have to admit, I was getting excited for the desserts. I knew I was in for a good treat when they served their home-made scoops of Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Fruit Balls. In this case, we had the rock melon. I would definitely come back here just for dessert. It was absolutely devine with a hint of blue cheese, which is in no way overpowering. The combination of the ice cream with the fruit is also great. It’s a 10/10 from me. I’m probably a little biased because my favourite cheese is blue cheese, but honestly this dessert is worth being adventurous for.

We also had the Chocolate Mousse in a Raspberry Coulis which was very refreshing. The chocolate game is strong, the mousse is tender and just melted away in your mouth. The tanginess of the raspberry coulis balanced out the sweetness of this dessert.

Last but not least, our lovely chef kept the best for last with this incredible dessert that’s not even on the menu yet. They like us to call it “The Sunny Side Up” or “Fried Egg On Toast“. It hasn’t been decided yet! But what we have decided and all agree on is that this is one of the most uniquely interesting desserts we have seen so far. Simple looking at first appearing like a fried egg on toast, however in reality it’s almond biscuit, panna cotta and a sphere of fresh juice. I had the pleasure to do the first cut and there it went, the pour of ‘yolk’. This also tasted very refreshing. The combination of the fresh juice once it soaked into the biscuit was a pleasant experience on our palates. We enjoyed this one very much and hope it makes it to the menu officially.

You can find Siberia Bar on East Terrace in the CBD. And keep in mind they also have a balcony bar (South Australian Distillery Centre) where you can get your drinks on. Stay tuned and follow them on social media to find out more about events. Spoiler alert: so far the talk about having ‘Games Of Thrones’ theme night is already on the table. We can only hope!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 6 East Tce, Adelaide


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