It goes without saying that the current climate can build up a lot of stress and anxiety. Now there a lot of ways that you can deal with this stress but here’s one you may not have considered: Throw an axe at something.

Introducing Maniax. A past time trend that has been gaining traction the world over. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, it’s now Adelaide’s turn to let out some tension and hurl axes around. A pretty simple concept. Pay for a session per head, or group session, someone will give you a quick rundown on proper chucking technique and then just go nuts. Have some fun, challenge your friends and get a bevvie and a bite to eat after your done. (You’re not allowed to throw axes under the influence). With great burgers and beers available, it’s a great way to cool down after you’ve let off some stream.

Whether or not you feel like a quick chuck, date night or a corporate night out, Maniax has got the pack for you. Starting at $45 per head to $104 depending on the package you get. Maniax has positioned itself in the same fun group activity space as Holy Moley. Work dos, Bucks/Hens night, birthday parties etc. A great way to end or start the night and then venture off to further misadventures.

If you have dreams of throwing axes professionally you can also enter Maniax League nights which are backed by the IATF (International Axe Throwing Federation (Because that’s a thing)).

Regardless of what your dreams are I’m sure you’ve imagined hurling an axe full force at something. Well now’s your chance to realise those ideas. Maniax is fun, exciting and has one of the best safety records around. They are open now so check out their website here for more info.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE:33-34 Port Rd, Thebarton



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