Siberia – Dinner 1

Calling all meat lovers! Siberia, located on East Terrace has officially opened its doors.

On Friday the 17th Serge and Elena Ambrose launched their unique menu filled with what can be described as upmarket, gamey meat dishes. Taking over the old East Terrace Continental space the passionate couple have created a restaurant that showcases a casual elegance.

We sampled three dishes; entrée, dessert and main.

For entrée we had: Wild Allsorts (mix of wild grilled meats) roasted with baby tomatoes and pomegranate sauce. This dish was something incredibly unique. I guarantee the sauce will introduce you to some strong flavours you have never had before. The mix of gamey meat paired perfectly with the ripe cherry tomatoes. The flaming pomegranate sauce was a strong combination of a mixture of ingredients. Paired together the dish produced strong zappy and meaty flavours.

For the main we tried the: Venison with sweet roast cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and a cherry sauce. This was some of the most perfectly cooked meat that I have come across. The venison melted in your mouth and cut perfectly with a knife. The sweet cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots were a beautiful flavour combination that complimented the gamey meat. The cherry sauce gave the dish that hint of sweet that it needed.

We ended our meal with: Gorgonzola blue cheese ice-cream with fruit balls. For anyone that knows me well would know how obsessed I am with blue cheese. I think that it is god’s gift to this earth. The thought of a blue cheese ice cream makes me incredibly excited, and this is how I felt when I ate this dish. The ice-cream itself felt like you were eating chunks of blue cheese, and worked well with the sweet fruit balls. Like, blue cheese and fruit really, which is a winning combination.

Thank you to Serge and Elena for bringing us into the world of Siberia, and giving us the opportunity to sample a range of dishes. We appreciate the effort you have made in creating this menu, and revamping the space to suit the needs of your restaurant.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 6 East Terrace, Adelaide


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