MiMi – New Restaurant Concept

It’s been a while since our last visit to MiMi Adelaide on Sturt Street so when they extended an invitation to try out their new menu, we were beyond excited. Not knowing what to expect (as they previously spoiled us with a fusion Thai-Korean type cuisine), we were greeted with joint tables full of beautifully presented, scrumptious dishes.

Jaw dropping? You bet! You can smell the freshly made meals the moment you open the restaurant door. Their interior has always been fancy yet casual enough to make everyone feel welcomed and relaxed. That’s how they want you to experience it. After all, you come in to be spoilt and feast like a king. Speaking of which, we found out MiMi recently launched their new menu which now focuses on Korean food only. You may be thinking that we already have quite a few Korean restaurants in Adelaide, so why introduce another one? Yes, we wondered the same thing. But MiMi has convinced us that this will be nothing like the ones we have seen before. So now it’s our job to convince you: while the other Korean restaurants are offering either ‘Street food’ type or famous BBQ style, MiMi, now known as Plus 82 MiMi, offers a wide variety of authentic Korean dishes with a modern cooking technique. They are determined to bring the next level of Korean flavours to Adelaide.

As quoted by Steven Lee (Director), “When we introduced the Plus 82 Pocha to Adelaide as a Korean street type food three years ago, we were not sure how Adelaide people would take it as there were not many popular Korean eateries compared to Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese”. They really wanted to introduce Korean flavour to Adelaide and as we can see there are many Korean restaurants in Adelaide now where we can find a lot of Korean Fried Chicken options on the menu.

Plus 82 Pocha was their baby that offers street type food with a variety of Korean Fried Chicken. Not long after that they introduced their Korean BBQ restaurant – Plus 82 Gogi. Last addition is the Plus 82 MiMi.

Hyunwoo Kang who’s also the Director at Plus 82 MiMi wanted to add that here in Mimi the dishes they serve are more traditionally and authentically made alike to that which they offered to their King at the palace in the 1800’s and National festivals.

There is no such restaurant in Adelaide until recently of course. But if you go to London or New York, there are many traditional Korean restaurants with this concept.

Chef Donghwa Park (the Sous Chef at Plus 82 Pocha) is also the new addition to the Plus 82 MiMi family and has brought his authentic recipes from his grandmother and mother to the table. Inspired by the Danji, a Korean restaurant in New York (which also does authentic with modern cooking techniques), he teamed up with the current Chef Nokki who has a strong background in food science to create such fabulous dishes we could never imagine before, until now!

It’s the love of food and respect of cultures that make this concept work and it’s exciting when they extend their passion to others.

There are so many choices to choose from on the menu. Their ‘small’ or entree options are also endless. A few to name would be the delicious KFC Sliders that are packed full of their signature fried chicken with Kimchi, cucumber and Gochujang mayo.

DIY Wraps – Mini pancake wraps with six delicate fillings such as beef, mushroom, egg, cucumber, carrot, Capsicum accompanied with sesame dipping sauce.

My personal favourites would be the Tofu Kimchi – A delicious fried tofu topped with kimchi relish and crispy seaweed.

Kimchi Arancinis! How fabulous does that sound, am I right? I loved them! I always acknowledge for restaurants to be brave and create arrancinis with more exciting fillings and MiMi nailed this one.

Gungjung Tteok bokki – Not your average tteokbokki where they cook the rice cake with Gochujang sauce. They serve this dish with stir fried beef, fungus, carrot, capsicum, onion in soy sauce. Fun fact: this used to be served to their Kings in the 1800’s along with Marinated Meatballs or Tteokgalbi – Honey soy glazed pork and beef patties stuffed with mozzarella.

Kimchi Pancake – North Korean style. I have never had North Korean style pancakes before this where there’s zero flour! Now that I have, I am definitely wanting more. The no flour recipe makes the dish a real stand out as you can really taste the texture and the Kimchi in it. You can also add squid in it which I would recommend.

From their ‘Medium’ menu section, we tried the Festival Jeon – Pan Fried Whiting, Zucchini, Enoki with sesame soy dipping sauce. This is normally offered during the festival seasons. There was a little similarity with a tempura type dish but instead of deep frying they lightly pan fried them which makes it less greasy yet crunchy great on the palate.

Crispy Skin Pork Belly and Kimchi – Oh, don’t we just love a good crackling! Comes with stir fried Kimchi underneath and radish, cucumber and fennel salad.

Spicy Pork Rib Stew – Such comfort food! Slow cooked pork ribs with Gochujang, onion, carrot, potato and zucchini.

The menu is vast and meant for sharing, so of course we had to give their signature KFC original a go! Crispy, delicious with fabulous seasoning like none other. Mind you they also offer their KFC with sweet chilli, Yuzu garlic soy, and spicy devil bbq sauce. I know what I’ll be getting next time!

Bossam Wrap ‘Mi’ Up – Tender braised pork belly served with fresh lettuce, samjang, Kimchi, and house made pickled vegetables. I’m starting to really enjoy this style of eating. Wrap everything up in lettuce and munch! No fuss, no mess, and overall a healthier version by using the lettuce wrap.

What we needed on cold winter days like these though is definitely their Spicy Seafood Hot Pot. Bliss. The amount of seafood served in a hot bowl on top of a single flaming burner is a real treat on its own. We had king prawns, scallops, mussels and a mixture of vegetables with Tonghao. Absolutely hooked on this soup.

Now let’s not forget their Jjusam that’s also worth a mention. Stir fried baby octopus with pork and mixed vegetables and Tonghao. Similar taste as the Spicy seafood hot pot but with a thicker sauce texture as it’s more of a stir fry dish not a soup dish. Absolutely divine with full flavours of spice.

Beef Galbi – Twice cooked beef short ribs served with Portobello soy jus and mixed salad.

Bulgogi Steak – Sirloin steak with Bulgogi sauce, Brussels sprouts and onion rings. Bold flavour with tender steak that will keep you wanting more. Definitely everyone’s favourite.

Is our sneak peek of Plus 82 MiMi’s new menu enough to make you full and satisfied?

Let’s move on for a second from their food menu to drinks menu. Something I found very intriguing which I’ve never seen before here in Adelaide was their Soju tasting board! Served with Korean sweet chilli crackers you get to try six different flavours of Soju in shot glasses. Please take note that the bar also offers Soju Cocktails. So get adventurous and order some when you drop by for a visit.

We would like to thank the generous team at Plus 82 MiMi for their time, effort and hospitality. They totally know what they are doing and that’s definitely the reason why we cannot wait to return, bringing our family and friends as well to experience feasting like royalty.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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