The Playford – Playford Feast

Through the thick and thin of the last few months, the Playford Hotel has been one of the few establishments that has remained open throughout the whole ordeal. Continuing to be a staple of the Adelaide hospitality scene with the awards to prove it, Playford Hotel has continued to provide excellent service and quality dining during these times.

As things start to settle down and we enter the last stretch of winter, establishments around the city look to get things rolling once more. The Playford looks to hit the ground running with their new Playford Feast. Part luncheon, part high tea the Playford Feast looks to offer a new dining experience for those looking to get back to normal living with some flair and politesse. With all the style and presentation that has become the calling card of The Playford, the Feast brings together three courses of shared platters and charcuterie boards to delight and tantalise your next party or gathering.

All platters are served at once to give your party plenty to pick at but otherwise are broken into three plates. First is the board consisting of a Brioche with Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream Cheese, a Heirloom Tomato and Basil Crostini, and a Wild Mushroom and Chevre Bruschetta. Breaking with traditional, lets start with the best first. This is an outstanding selection of treats to really kickstart your luncheon. The Wild Mushroom Bruschetta being my personal favourite of the whole menu. Meaty and mouthwatering mushroom laid upon a pillowy bruschetta make for a flavourful experience. This paired with a Smoked Salmon Brioche that has a buttery flavour and texture both in the salmon and the bread that lingers on the taste buds. Lastly the Heirloom Tomato and Basil Crostini make for the perfect accompaniment adding that burst of fresh and juicy zest to contrast well with the rest of the platter.

I know I said I started with the best but the rest of the menu is no slouch to be sure. Up next is a Personal Charcuterie. Including Duck Rillette with Cornichons and Seeded Mustard, a Quiche Lorraine, a Section 28 Mont Rouge and Shaved Prosciutto. The charcuterie delves more into the expected realms of your classic high tea/luncheon. With deli meats and cheeses, this leans towards being your standard platter but it still has it’s highlights. The Quiche Lorraine has lush texture to it which contains a surge of flavor from the baked egg and ham.

To end things as you should we have the Sweets Platter. A Madeleine, a Raspberry Coconut Entrements and a Lemon Meringue. This is the crowd pleaser. Three choices, three distinct flavors. From the sweet aroma of the Raspberry Entrement to the impressionable tang of the Lemon Meringue to the body and character of the Madeleine. Regardless of your preference in sweets there is something for you here guaranteed to hit that good spot.

So if you’ve had enough of drinking wine at home in your onesie with your cat now is a pretty good time to get out and the Playford Feast is best enjoyed with plenty of friends by your side. It may be a bit before a lot of places get into the swing of things with restrictions being lifted but I’m happy to say that The Playford hasn’t skipped a bit and is still the upstanding place it has always been. The Playford Feast is on every Saturday and Sunday between 12pm to 4pm at $39.50 per person.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 120 North Tce, Adelaide


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