The Logical Indian

Located in the heart of the CBD in the Rundle Mall Plaza, The Logical Indian is the perfect bistro to enjoy restaurant quality Indian cuisine at food court prices. The passionate entrepreneur and owner of the business, Mervin Joshua, wishes to let people experience the diversity of Indian cuisine and dispel people’s notion of associating Indian food with just ‘curry’.

The new restaurant can fit up to sixty people in it’s gorgeous, modern luxe dining space. The colourful wallpapers, plants and rattan-style furniture make the environment fresh and fun, and gold trimmings paired with blues and pinks allows for modern and luxurious undertones.

With impeccable knowledge about the richness of the spices available in India, The Logical Indian prides itself in obtaining the best spices sourced from India to strike the sweet spot of any food lover’s delight. Their curries are wonderfully complex in their making, as the essence of Indian cuisine is in the use of numerous spices and herbs during the various stages of cooking.

The Rogan Josh comes with either beef or lamb, and has beautiful rich flavours and aromas. The curry itself is mild, but a heavy dose of warming spices such as cardamom and clove creates a decadent flavour of smoky sweetness. Caramelised onions melt away and peas burst in your mouth, but the real showstopper is the succulent meat which falls apart with a touch and encompasses all the beautiful aspects of the curry within it.

The Chicken Korma is a staple for all Indian restaurants, and The Logical Indian has perfected this dish! The light colour of the curry, infused with saffron and turmeric, reflects the mild spice level, making it the perfect meal for everybody. The light and salty flavour brings out the vibrant spices and subtle fragrances of this beautiful dish.

Butter Chicken is a go-to for most when it comes to choosing an Indian curry, and the one served at The Logical Indian is absolutely spectacular. This mild and creamy chicken curry is packed full of beautiful herbs and spices which bring out both salty and sweet flavours. The tender chicken falls apart in your mouth, and the creamy sauce seeps into the rice, making it warm and fluffy. A rich orange in colour with thick swirls of yoghurt, this butter chicken not only looks appetising, but smells incredible and is infused with to-die-for flavours.

The Goat Curry is rich and salty, with an interesting mix of flavours and a strong, delicious aroma. The goat meat is incredibly tender, with the meat falling off of the bone. The rich flavours make this curry extremely decadent, with infusions of cardamon and bay leaf. Although something that might not catch everybody’s eye, the Goat Curry is a must-try on this menu!

The Mixed Vegetable Curry is a beautiful assortment of peas, carrots, beans, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables in a thick, lightly spiced curry. The range of textures from the different vegetables dances on your tongue and the spices mingle together to perfection. Rich flavours and healthy vegetables make this dish a hearty meal for everybody to enjoy.

The Eggplant Masala is a rich curry with beautiful, decadent flavours of roasted eggplant and a thick, tomato base. The flavours are infused with strong sun-dried sensations and bring out the vibrant and unique flavours of the eggplant. Rich and thick, this curry is hearty and filling, with colours of warm reds, oranges and purples, as well as a beautiful, rich aroma.

Spinach Chicken Curry is a light dish with mild spice and tender chicken. The flavours are similar to Western flavours when compared to other dishes on the menu, but the beautiful mingling of herbs and spices brings the dish back to its Indian roots. A creamy and thick texture is added with the use of greek yoghurt, and this allows the dish be mild, while still maintaining the flavours of the herbs and spices. Lots of herbs and greenery make this dish not only delicious, but very aromatic and healthy.

The menu doesn’t stop at curries, with The Logical Indian offering a range of kebabs, small snacks and sides, and desserts, as well as an all-day breakfast menu and traditional Indian beverages. You can’t go past a good serving of naan alongside your curry, and the naan served at The Logical Indian is the best you’ll find in South Australia. Cooked to perfection, the naan is both fluffy and crisp, cooked beautifully with charcoal and served hot! The garlic naan has beautiful aromas and strong flavours, and you can’t go past a cheese naan for a delicious, flavourful treat.

We tried traditional Indian Kaapi, a sweet and frothy coffee served in a tumbler (a cup) and a Dabara (a saucer). The drink is poured back and forth between the tumbler and the Dabara to cool the drink and mix the decoction. This process of pouring allows the froth to form on top, which adds to the visual and the gustatory beauty. When visiting The Logical Indian, it is imperative that you try the Kaapi, and watch as Mervin pours this incredible and delicious drink for you!

Meals at The Logical Indian are extremely well-priced, as Mervin pledges to provide restaurant quality food at food court prices. It’s impossible to go past this new, amazing restaurant when satisfying your craving for a gorgeous Indian meal, and Mervin strives to please every customer as well as teach about the beauty and complexity of traditional Indian cuisine.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: T 1.6 Rundle Mall Plaza, 50 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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