Amicus Curiae – New Menu – June 2020

We have been in isolation for weeks now and our first lunch out upon the South Australian government easing the restrictions was at this very special corner cafe co-owned by a friendly young French gentleman named Clement Labaere. Amicus Curiae, meaning “friend of the court” in Latin, is the catchy name of the cafe we went to and opened their doors to the public since April 2020 for takeaways. Now they have happily set up the tables and chairs inside and out so we can dine-in peacefully, fresh from the kitchen. They have also introduced their new menu to the public and we were lucky enough to be one of the first to try it.

BREAKFAST DIP – Let’s start with their avocado hummus dip with feta and olive oil accompanied by house made sourdough flatbread. This bread needs to be served hot as it enhances the flavour when you dip the bread in the avocado Hummus.

UNDERWORLD – Imagine the list of different types of pizza to choose from. We just had to start with the Underworld, their version of the classic Hawaiian pizza (yes, we agreed that pineapple does belong on pizza!) and we were absolutely thrilled with the taste. Exactly what we would expect to get in a Hawaiian pizza but better.

MANHATTAN – It’s not a pizza feast without pepperoni and olives making an appearance. The portion is perfect for a hungry individual or an excellent share for two. No worries, their pepperoni is evenly spread out so you get the taste of it in every bite!

MALAYSIAN – The adventurous side of us kicked in when we saw they offered Malaysian style pizza using curry base. We knew we just had to give it a try. It came with chicken, mozzarella, chopped cherry tomatoes, and spinach. We could definitely tell they had marinated the chicken with some curry paste and we loved the experience of chicken curry on a pizza! Amazing.

We also tried one of their Amicus Flat bread. This time we ordered the LEBANESE. Their flat bread is only baked upon order to ensure the quality of their dish. We were absolutely in love with this one. The toppings are generous with avocado Hummus, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion and roasted chick peas for added crunch! What a beautiful and refreshing bite. Absolutely recommended and definitely will order this again when we come back for our next visit. They also have different topping options for their flat bread for example their Aussie Flat Bread has Fior di latte, bacon and spinach as toppings. Or you can try the New York Flat Bread which also has fior di latte, bacon and spinach plus two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top!

We also ordered their simple Amicus Eggs and Smashed Avocado Delight under the Amicus Classic on their menu.

AMICUS EGGS – This dish is offering a flexible option on how you like your eggs done. I was in the mood for scramble eggs that day and it came out beautifully with a toasted Maison Clement bread.

Their SMASHED AVOCADO DELIGHT was also delightful. Both presentation and taste-wise. It came with House made sourdough topped with smashed avocado, feta and pomegranate.

Clement came up to our table and showed us a page that was missing on their menu and wondered if we missed out on the signature FRENCH Amicus Flatbread. We sure did. We wouldn’t have missed their dessert flatbread for the world! So we just had to get that and it was a fabulous choice. What came out was elegantly presented creamy custard on a flatbread base topped with tropical fruits including kiwi, mandarins, apple and mixed berries. We were in awe.

Amicus Curiae has once again proven that they belong and deserve to stay. Positioned at the entrance of Central Market opposite Victoria Square, they are the first cafe you’ll spot on your left. They also have a sister cafe called Maison Clement just a few blocks away from them with their main focus being a French menu. We heard rumours they will also be introducing a new menu to the public soon. Whatever and whenever it is we will be here waiting patiently with excitement.

PS: shout out to one of the best coffees we have ever tasted too and we thank you for having us!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: Shop 1A, Central Market Arcade, Adelaide


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