Behind Barz Cocktails

Behind Barz Cocktails is Adelaide’s coolest new business that delivers fresh cocktails to your door! When the founders of Behind Barz Cocktails, Mariah and Daniel, were enjoying cocktails by the pool in Bali, they realised that making and drinking cocktails was something they wanted to do – and they wanted to have fun doing it!

The idea was that they would host cocktail making parties, where groups could come together and learn how to make their favourite cocktails, but in a less formal setting where everybody could drink, laugh, and have a blast. This idea has been put on hold for now, but we are still able to enjoy their incredible concoctions delivered to our doors during self-isolation. The couple seeks to bring a bit of fun and joy to people who are stuck at home, and give them something to do. Daniel says that ‘as cheesy as it sounds, we kind of just want to be able to make people’s days a bit of fun!’ – and they’re definitely achieving this goal with their delicious drinks!

There is nothing better than a good Mojito, and the one from Behind Barz Cocktails is my all time favourite. This simple, yet delicious drink consists of white rum, fresh lime juice, icing sugar, and mint. The flavours come together in a light, cool flavour which feels fresh and tropical. Topped with a garnishing of mint and icing sugar, and poured over ice, this cocktail is refreshingly cool and easy to drink. It’s easy to picture yourself sipping on this Mojito by the pool on a scorching hot day and enjoying the revitalising flavours of sugar and citrus combined!

The Sex on the Beach is an absolute favourite, with gorgeous sunset colours, light and fruity flavours, and cool, fresh garnishes. This delicious cocktail is made with vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps. The juices and peach schnapps combined make this drink delightfully sweet, and the fruity flavours bring out the essence of summertime! Orange and strawberry slices float in the cocktail and decorate the glass as garnishes, bringing to life the freshness of this cocktail. From the brilliant colours to the sweet and fruity taste, the Sex on the Beach is the perfect cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer evening by the sea.

Looking like liquid gold in a glass, the Blood Orange Spritz is a strong and zesty cocktail for people who enjoy a yummy cocktail with a punch! This cocktail is made with blood orange liqueur, prosecco spritz, and soda water. The zesty flavours of citrus are emphasised by the prosecco spritz, yet the blood orange liqueur allows this punchy drink to stay a little sweet. Garnished with fresh orange slices and curled orange zest, the Blood Orange Spritz looks as sensational as it tastes and is the perfect drink for everybody to enjoy with a perfect balance of zest and sweetness!

The BB Lagoon is the sweetest, most vividly coloured cocktail you can get from Behind Barz Cocktails, and it is absolutely phenomenal. This gorgeous concoction of peach schnapps, blue curaçao, and lemonade makes a unique and super sweet drink which everybody adores. A bright blue, this cocktail looks otherworldly, and the sweetness makes it seem like an incredible candy from your childhood. If you love sweet drinks, or don’t want to have anything too heavy, the BB Lagoon is the perfect drink for you!

Behind Barz Cocktails also does some creamy drinks, including a decadent Espresso Martini and sweet Brandy Alexander. Keep in mind that for delivery, these cocktails only come in the smaller sizes! The Espresso Martini is light and smooth, with beautiful coffee infusions and sweet cream. It’s made from vodka, kahlua, simple syrup, and fresh coffee, and decorated with whipped cream and coffee beans. The Brandy Alexander is a superb cocktail with exquisite flavours and a gorgeous, creamy texture. It is made with brandy, white crème de cacao, cream, and nutmeg. A simple sprinkle of nutmeg garnishes this drink, and the classic simplicity of this cocktail is all part of it’s charm!

The cocktails come in three sizes, all served in gorgeous glass jars and with fresh garnishes and papers straws included. You can get a 3.5 litre jar for $75, a 2 litre jar for $55, and a 1 litre jug for $35. These prices include delivery of the cocktails and pick up of the jars the next morning. You are also able to keep the glassware for an extra $25 on top of the original price.

We absolutely love Behind Barz Cocktails gorgeous drinks and deliveries, but we are super keen to see what comes once self-isolation is over. Mariah and Daniel will be hosting their cocktail-class parties, which will be an all inclusive cocktail experience – think: delectable cheese platters, fancy dresses, and good music! Their long term goal is to eventually open up their own venue, cafe by day and bar by night. It might be a while until this dream comes true, but their incredible product and business minds are sure to create something spectacular.

So if you need a way to celebrate, or just want something to do during self-isolation, be sure to order yourself some drinks from Behind Barz Cocktails. All the cocktails are high-quality, fresh, and delicious, and you simply can’t go wrong. We can’t wait to see what Mariah and Daniel do next, but we will happily sip on some of their cocktails while we wait!

Words by Elisabeth Marie



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