InterContinental Adelaide – High Tea

Situated by the Torrens, InterContinental’s Riverside Restaurant hosts a selection of exquisite high tea experiences. While their Standard High Tea and High Coffee are the most popular choices, they also offer Lunch, Indulgent and Luxury High Tea options. Boasting a generous selection of sweet and savoury bites, they range anywhere from $39 to $90 per person, depending on your preference.

Standard High Tea
This classic take on a high tea combines a variety of savoury sandwiches and pies, and sweet pastries and scones. For $39 per person you also receive a glass of sparkling wine, which you may choose to substitute for a glass of G.H MUMM champagne at an extra $10.

Aiming to please, this high tea includes a selection of three different sandwiches: a chicken wrap, a cucumber sandwich, and a prosciutto filled sourdough. Paired with tarragon and apple mayonnaise, the pulled chicken wrap made for a delicious, sweet and savoury fusion. Next, a simple cucumber sandwich was paired with sour cream and chervil, a much-loved high tea classic. Lastly, prosciutto filled sourdough buns with Bavarian mustard and cornichons proved to be the perfect balance of salty, pickled goodness.

With an array of different sweet pastries, this high tea is a dessert-lovers dream. From their decadent French macarons and hazelnut filled profiteroles, to their mini waffle cones and assorted tartlets, this delicately crafted selection was simply divine.

Can’t choose between plain or sultana scones? Luckily, with the Standard High Tea, you don’t have to decide; you get both! Served with Beerenberg blackberry jam and whipped cream, these freshly baked scones were light and fluffy – the perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea!

Once again, these savoury pies cater to both vegetarians and otherwise. With the sundried tomato and spinach mini quiches and the beef pies encased in a deliciously buttery crusts, they did not fail to satisfy.

High Coffee
If you’re less fond of tea and would rather a richer, more intense experience, then InterContinental’s High Coffee is for you. With a variety of food that either showcases coffee or complements its flavour, and an espresso martini upon arrival, this innovative high tea will cost you a reasonable $60 per person.

Afternoon Sandwiches
Much like the previous high tea, the High Coffee provides three different sandwich combinations: beef and cucumber paninis, poached chicken and avocado wraps, and smoked salmon on rye. Combining tender wagyu beef with a pickled cucumber relish and fresh watercress, this bite-size panini was refreshingly tasty. Similarly, the poached chicken linseed wrap with semi-dried tomato and avocado was both fresh and flavourful, and the smoked salmon rye toast with mascarpone and preserved lemon was a classic flavour combination.

Warm Savouries
Encased by a crispy crust, these beef and burgundy pies and prosciutto and green asparagus quiches were delicious. Ever the crowd pleaser, these simplistic morsels of goodness were an enjoyable addition.

Warm Afternoon Sweets
Slightly sweet and airily light, these buttermilk vanilla scones did not disappoint. Paired with an aromatic orange-ginger marmalade and whipped cream, these proved to be the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon coffee.

Blissfully bite-sized, these mini desserts were just divine. From Wattleseed macarons with Callebaut chocolate coffee curd to brownies and espresso lamingtons, coffee remains a central theme throughout this experience. While the lemon curd and meringue cheesecake and the vanilla-iced carrot and walnut cake don’t necessarily contain coffee, their flavours are particularly complementary to it.

To conclude, guests are presented with an affogato. An Italian tradition, it is comprised of premium Vittoria espresso cascading over velvety vanilla bean ice-cream and a crunchy amaretti biscotti crumble.
Although these high teas were quite different from one another, they were equally as enjoyable. While the pricing amongst the high tea options varies somewhat, this will at least allow you to decide on an option that works best for you. If you’re craving some much-needed rest and relaxation, make sure to head down to high tea at InterContinental Adelaide’s Riverside restaurant, you won’t be disappointed!

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: North Tce, Adelaide



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