Sammy’s On The Marina – Kersbrook Hill Winery Dinner

The world is going through an interesting time at the moment, and what better distraction than to go to a wine dinner. Tonight, Sammy’s On The Marina, on the Marina Pier, have teamed up with Kersbrook Hill Winery to give guests a sumptious six course degustation.

We started the night with King Prawns Cocktail with Cos Lettuce, Raspberry and Parmesan Crumbs. This dish is just a collection of fresh ingredients placed on a plate. Yet the inventive combination of quality elements creates a refreshing bite. The cocktail sauce and prawns are above satisfying with the raspberry creating an out of the ordinary yet pleasing surprise. Paired with Kersbrook Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2018 which was vibrant and dry with a fruity definition, length, and crispness that goes perfectly well with seafood.

Next was the Marinated Octopus with Taramasalata Spread, Black Olives and Cucumber Salad. The use of a fresh ingredients is a common theme which is why Sammy’s On The Marina is one of the best in Adelaide. A Mediterranean inspired that dish that is a treat for the senses. The taramasalata and olives are both salty which complements and accentuates the marinated octopus. The dish is paired with the Kersbrook Hill Riesling 2013 which was very dry and well balanced. It was elegant, slightly mineral, floral and citrusy, subtle kerosene notes from the aging but still fairly fresh and lively.

Now for the Seared Scallops with Cauliflower Puree, Speck and Truffle Dressing. The scallops were seared perfectly on each side leaving the soft and pillowy. The puree and dressing give a fresh component to an otherwise fried dish with hints of truffle coming through with each bite. Paired with Kersbrook Viognier 2018 which an aroma of vanilla and spices, and light fruity flavours on the palate.

Next was the Garfish with Asparagus, wrapped in Proscuitto. The soft and delicate garfish was well complemented by the clean and earthy undertones of the asparagus. The proscuitto adds depth to the dish with a crispy and salty component. This was paired with Kersbrook Chardonnay 2013 which was clean and crisp with fruity flavours.

Showing that Sammy’s is not just about seafood, the next dish was the Black Angus Grass Fed Fillet Steak, Broccolini, Roasted Soft Pumpkin, Red Onion, Tomato served with jus. The beef fillet was cooked to perfection; easy to cut, and soft and pink in the centre. The sides were also well executed; the creamy pumpkin mash, the sweet red onion and tomato, and the firm broccolini. All the elements were brought together by a well seasoned jus. Paired with Kersbrook ‘Strange Fellows’ Cabernet/Tempranillo 2015 which was dry and fruity with just the right amount of acidity, and Kersbrook Hill ‘Expat’ Shiraz 2015 which was smokey in aroma with a rich body that was rather sweet.

To end the night, we had the Galliano Panna Cotta with Moscato Jelly, Mint and Braised Raspberry Compote. The Panna Cotta was delicious as you could imagine, the syrupy braised berries give way to a subtle yet luscious and creamy custard. This was paired with the Kersbrook Hill ‘The Troublemaker’ Sparkling Rose NV; strong strawberry flavours with a slightly sweet mid palate and Sweet Mary Botrytis Viognier; fruity flavours, luscious texture, and a long and elegant finish.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without a wine dinner at Sammy’s On The Marina. Another six amazing courses matched with equally good Kersbrook Hill Winery wines. Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Pervez Alam and all the staff at Sammy’s On The Marina for their kind hospitality, and of course, Kersbrook Hill Winery for their great matching wines.

WHERE: 12 Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg


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