Roll To Go

Vietnamese meat rolls, the lunch that seems to be everyone’s favourite and go to quick choice, so when a new place opens we are more than excited to try. Roll To Go, located on busy St Bernard’s Road in Magill is a new Vietnamese street food cafe with a range of delicious meat rolls, bowls cold rolls, dim sims and spring rolls.

We started with the fresh and juicy Vietnamese Meat Rolls, one with pork and the other with combination, chicken and pork. The roast pork was one of the crunchiest fillings I have had yet in a roll. I highly recommend heading in late morning when the pork is fresh out of the oven. If you are feeling like a later lunch do not worry, Roll To Go still maintains their quality meat throughout the day. The crisp bread roll along with the meat was filled with an array of fresh vegetables including coriander, cucumber and fresh chilli. The unique addition of fresh and crunchy lettuce helped to fill the roll with some added texture.

To top off our mouth watering Bahn Mi we ordered two sides; Dim Sims and Spring Rolls. I absolutely love dim sims; I always order them when I eat Asian food. The hearty filling had a combination of mince meat and some vegetables, including carrot and bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots helped to give the dim sims that point of different, and that extra bit of texture. The soft dumpling outing helped to hold the beautiful vegetables and mince together to create a Chinese delight. The spring rolls were crispy and golden with a beautiful filling of multi-coloured vegetables.

Thank you to Fiona Nguyen for inviting us along to try your newly opened café. It was great to see how passionate you were when making the food, and to making sure we had a positive experience.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: Shop 1, 85 St Bernards Rd, Magill


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