British India

British India is definitely an easy recommendation to anybody that craves for Indian food or just a beautiful dining experience in general. This restaurant is in no means new to Adelaide and has since been a popular destination for Indian cuisine.

We had the absolute pleasure in sampling their delightful menu since the big move to their new location in Plympton about 10 months ago. We regret not coming in earlier as their standard is still very high when it comes to taste and presentation.

Their menu is ideally kept to one page for added ease when it comes to ordering and all the dishes are available in small or large plates to match your party or mood. What follows is our experience of the menu which is certainly one to remember.

It was suggested that we try the Broken Samosa with Bel Puri (puff rice salsa) two chutneys and peanuts. It was so good. This is the type of dish you need to eat straight away while the Bel Puri retains its crunchiness. The texture works really well together. A bit of crunch and soft potato with peas on the inside while the chutneys made the dish very delectable. Definitely one of the best samosas we’ve ever had.

As people are getting more and more aware of how healthy plant based eating is for the body and soul, we just had to try the Masala Pepper which is a vegan dish with spiced amchoor roasted capsicum. This comes with tomato sauce and cashew cream for a delicious vegan option or if you’re a little more flexible, you can opt for their cottage cheese.

Next was the Potato Paneer and Spinach Dumpling. When we heard dumpling we thought, traditional Asian dumpling but we were blown away when we saw that what came out more closely resembled a deep fried ice cream ball! It was filled with beautiful creamy potato and spinach, crumbed and deep fried then half soaked in their ‘Goan’ inspired curry. This curry is savoury and creamy with a cheesy flavour throughout. Absolute bliss.

Did you know that they offer two types of Butter Chicken? British Butter Chicken, which is more popular in western countries and the original Indian Butter Chicken. So what’s the difference? Well, the British Butter Chicken has sugar in it and the Indian one doesn’t. Of course we wanted the authenticity of the original one and oh, the smell, the presentation and the taste when we finally got to try it! It was delicious and tender tandoor chicken.

Prawn Biryani comes with chilli masala prawns and basmati rice, fresh tomatoes, capsicum, caramelised onion, mint and toasted almonds. This was also one of the best biryani we tasted. We absolutely loved the texture and the mix of prawn on biryani rice. The Biryani has a little kick to it but nothing to worry about it, you can handle it. It’s too tasty not to order. Life is too interesting for plain rice anyway!

Korma and Mango Salsa was our next dish to try. Embarrassingly, This was demolished in a heartbeat. Mild with a little tangy flavour from the Mango Salsa, this comes with lamb and the recipe includes turmeric, cashew, cream, green cardamom and garam masala. Fabulous taste and something we would order again.

Tinder Beef, let’s be honest we ordered this dish because of the catchy name. Hot curry with cardamom, cinnamon, lime leaf, with kipfler potatoes seasoned with turmeric and seasoned yoghurt. Alright, when they say hot. It is HOT. But in a very addictive way. Definitely our favourite as we love our spice and chilli. This tastes similar to Vindaloo just without the kipfler potatoes. And we absolutely loved the addition!

We are very impressed with their presentation and taste. British India has been keeping their standard high even moving from such a highly sought after location right in the city centre. It’s safe to say that the suburb of Plympton hasn’t stopped or slowed them down. This place is still a popular choice for existing or new customers. We wish British India the prosperity it deserves and we can’t wait to be back

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 235 Anzac Highway, Plympton


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