Tang Song – Chinese New Year Celebrations

Gong xi fa cai (Happy New Year). Chinese New Year has come along and rung in the year of the Rat. Unlike the calendar New Year, Chinese New Year is far from a single day of celebrations. It’s generally 23 days of festivities, events and most importantly food. Tang Song in Westfield Tea Tree Plaza’s new dining district maintains its connection to their roots with different forms of entertainment week by week.

Between the 22nd of January and the 8th of February, Tang Song have been putting on Dumpling workshops, Karaoke nights, and other enticing activities throughout the period. AFC attended on the 31st where Tang Song put on an energetic and exciting Lion Dance performance. Tang Song was booked out as drums and symbols clashed in rhythm to the Lions poetic movements. Clapping and cheering along as the dancers made their way, winding between tables and patrons. It just one of many ways Tang Song accentuate their dining experience.

The food that goes along with the show is just as flashy and authentic, demonstrating a strong connection to the owners Chinese roots. From a Hot and Sour Soup that didn’t skimp on the content within and was appropriately spicy with out being overpowering to Steamed Pork Buns that had a perfect fluffy texture which they again made sure to stuff the buns with a satisfying amount of sweet pork.

The true extravagance comes from the mains. A Wagyu Beef dish that although is buried in a mountain of Shaved Pork, underneath are sizeable pieces of well cooked Wagyu Beef coated in a decadent special sauce. Where the true showmanship comes in is the Salt and Pepper Flounder, This is an entire battered and deep fried fish that seems too big to handle but the flesh itself can be cut up and served quite conveniently and is actually very appropriate for 2 or more (with other dishes). This is where an incredibly high quality fish meets that crunchy, highly flavoured taste you would expect from traditional Asian cuisine.

Speaking with manager Rick Li we got an insight into the love he has for Chinese cuisine as well as his experience and knowledge. Hailing from the Hokkien province in China, Rick has picked up a number of cuisines in his life, moving from place to place. He is versed in Sichuan, Cantonese, Shanghai and Hokkien cuisines and he incorporates each of these in his menu.

Tang Song isn’t quite done with their celebrations and will be finishing things off with a Traditional Dance Performance at 6:30pm on Lantern Festival Day which is the 8th of February. So if you want truly original Chinese dining experience head to Tang Song during the festivities.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Rd, Modbury


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