F Duck

Previously called Fortune Duck, this place has had a quick refurbishment and is now called F Duck which of course means, Fortune Duck… what were you thinking? Reopened early last year with a simply classic yet sleek look, this place is surprisingly spacious so you can finally enjoy all the room you need in an Asian restaurant. This new look gives it a bit of a modern feel while keeping the authenticity for the most important part, the food. Another feature which added to the culture was their options of beverages. Lots of wine to choose from, both local and imported. The same story goes for the beers, on offer are Tsing Tao and Lucky Buddha from China, Monteith Black Lager from New Zealand and Kirin from Japan. Although, if you are feeling a bit fancy, definitely try the cocktails.

We were very excited about our dining experience here as we all knew that prior to the update, Fortune Duck upheld a great standard. You can’t go to F Duck without tasting their F Duck dish. So that’s exactly what we ordered. The Cantonese style roast duck with soy sauce and salt mixed in plum sugar. The duck came out tender and slightly crisp on the outside. Dipped first in soy then the salt and plum sugar and you get the most amazing flavour in your mouth. It actually works. First dish and we were already very impressed.

Some of us are big fans of Chicken Karaage and that is something so common nowadays. But have you tried a menu with Duck Karaage in it? Well now we can tick that box on our list. Because we found it here. Well seasoned and then deep fried in batter, it comes with lemon wedge and mayonnaise.

Now for the Duck Spring Rolls. This is one of our favourite spring rolls and we have tried a lot of spring rolls! They use roast duck meat, then combine it with leek and carrot. The flavour was on the sweeter side, the duck meat was cooked to tender perfection and the best part is when it arrived crispy on the outside. We got that crunch, we got the tasty flavour and we got the perfect texture. This entree dish comes with plum sauce. Personally it’s already tasty enough that even if it comes with no dipping sauce, we wouldn’t know that something was missing.

We know we have been ordering everything duck, so it was time to mix it up a little and order a non-duck dish for a change. As we wondered over the menu, we couldn’t look past the Beijing Lamb Chop. Marinated and grilled with three herbs salad and hoisin bbq sauce. It’s obvious they know what they are doing when it comes to duck but to nail this lamb chop to perfection, It deserve an applause. It was beautifully cooked medium rare, the flesh still pink and the meat was tender. We loved it with hoisin bbq sauce.

Our next choice was the Sweet and Tangy Beef – Crispy shredded beef with bean shoot salad. We are always on the lookout for crispy beef and we can assure you that this is up there on ‘our list’. Living up to its name, this dish has sweet and tangy flavour. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish with a bowl of rice!

The Teriyaki Salmon dish was a pan fried salmon fillet with chilli snake beans. It only took second to get used to the spicy flavour of this delicious dish. Once again, cooked perfectly. The salmon is soft and worked really well with the spicy teriyaki sauce. The long snake beans are not cut up for your convenience but instead put on top to mix in with your salmon and chilli. This is an enjoyable combination and very contemporary style of Chinese dish. It’s a yes from us!

Now let us go back to our popular duck dish, this is absolutely everyone’s favourite and only come in an entree size, but I have so many positive things to say about this dish that I wanted to leave it for last. Peking Duck Pancake. With using only their homemade hoisin sauce and fig and orange jam for the pancake, this is a starter dish you don’t want to miss! Again, I haven’t tried this combination before coming here yet it worked really well with the pancake, accompanied by their julliene cucumber and leek. Next time we will triple the order for this entree as we loved it so much and there was not enough to share.

F for Fortune or Fantastic or Fabulous..whatever it is you want it to be, it is still going to be a pretty mighty Fine Duck if you ask us. We thank their hospitality and their generousity and we are excited that F Duck is here to stay. A great addition to our Chinatown. At this stage they only open for dinner, although we are secretly hoping that they will consider opening for lunch as well! One can only dream.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 65 Gouger St, Adelaide


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