Bai Long Store – New Menu – January 2020

Bai Long Store situated on Hutt St have been gracing Adelaide with delicious modern Asian cuisine for a little while now. If you have yet to venture to this contemporary restaurant on the ground level of the Channel 10 building, please do so in the very near future – You will not be disappointed! When you enter the restaurant, immediately you are greeted with the balance of the Yin and the Yang. The simple yet immaculate black and white theme throughout the interior showcases the concept of dualism.

Talented head chef Jae Hyun Park has created a few new dishes added to the menu taking into consideration feedback given by their regular diners. These dishes vary from easy takeaway lunch options to vegetable side dishes such as Bok Choy.

The Prawn Dumplings is a delicious starter for your hungry appetite. These plump dumplings are served with XO shallot chips and ginger vinegar. You can taste the subtle ginger flavor with every bite and the shallot chips gives this dish a bit of texture. A wonderful starter dish leaving you wanting more.

For another beautiful starter dish, the Yakitori is a crowd favourite. Beautifully charred grilled chicken served with chilli teriyaki, rice cakes and peanuts. Even the rice cakes are slightly fried and charred to enhance its flavour profile.

Next up we have the popular Korean dish Bibimbap. Bibimbap is essentially a bowl with rice, vegetables and meat which you mix all together with a bit of gochujang (hot pepper paste) before eating. There are many different variations from a simple to an elaborate mix of ingredients and flavours. Bai Long has created two variants Bibimbap variants. The Mushroom Bibimbap is vegan and gluten free. It consists of fresh seasonal vegetables, the perfect poached egg, king oyster mushrooms with gochujang sauce and sushi rice.

The Spicy Pork Bibimbap as the name suggests includes pork marinated in a spicy kalbi sauce. The aroma as the dish hits the table gets you salivating instantly. Mixed it well with the seasonal vegetables, poached egg, sushi rice and spicy gochujang sauce. A very filling and delicious meal.

Another delicious dish on the menu is the Katsu Chicken. Originating from Japan, this dish is popular amongst many. Bai Long gives it justice with good quality chicken ensuring the meat is kept moist and tender. The flaky panko batter gives the chicken the crispy texture we all enjoy. This dish is served with a side of Japanese curry consisting of potato and carrots as well as Chinese cabbage slaw which complemented the Katsu chicken well.

Next up, we have the Ocean Trout. A beautifully piece of trout pan seared leaving the skin light and crispy. This dish is served with yuzu edamame and Sichuan onion puree which adds a little bit of natural sweetness when eaten together.

Nothing served at Bai Long Store is boring. Even their Tofu Salad is created with so much thought and consideration to its flavour profile. This dish is a combination of soy infused tofu, fresh green beans, celery and peanuts. Each ingredient is coated with a well-balanced chilli crisp dressing.

If you are after a side dish that is delicious and ever so moreish, the Kimchi Chips is a must order. With a hidden salad at the bottom of the bowl, the crunchy deep fried potato chunks are topped with kimchi and seaweed strips. The kimichi is seasoned to be a little sweeter and the combination with the saltiness of the chips and spicy mayo makes it one delectable dish.

No feast is ever satisfied without a few dessert dishes. Bai Long Store has created a new plated dessert for you to devour whether you have a sweet tooth or not. The Chocolate Yuzu Yoghurt is delicious. Beautifully smooth chocolate mousse served with chocolate almond crumb and honeycomb for that crunch factor. The yuzu yoghurt sorbert and yuzu gel cuts the richness of the chocolate flavours perfectly. A well balanced and thought out dish.

Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert perfect for the warmer weather. Bai Long’s Honeydew Bingsu consists of Basil Honeydew sorbet, perfectly rolled honeydew balls, coconut milk granita, coconut condensed milk and lime basil meringue sticks. This dessert is so light and refreshing. Be sure not to eat it too quickly to avoid a brain freeze!

The Mango Popcorn is a bit different to the desserts mentioned above. This dish is a mixture of sweet and salty. It is Soy popcorn mousse served with mango granita topped with caramelised popcorn powder and roasted rice tuile.

If you are after delicious contemporary Asian cuisine, be sure to visit Bai Long Store located on Hutt Street. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm–2:30pm Lunch and from 5:30pm until close for their dinner service. The food and hospitality you receive are impeccable.

Words by Dao Doan from The Dining Chair

WHERE: 80 Hutt St, Adelaide


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