India House

India House is located on the premises of Hallet Cove Shopping Centre just 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. The family run restaurant has been serving locals Indian food for 11 years and was also titled one Business Of The Year and two Hospitality Of The Year awards from the Hallet Cove Business Association. Husband and wife Nassir Syed and Asra Nassir both studied culinary school in India before moving to Russia and now calling Australia home. Along with their daughter Sumbal Syed and son Rayyan Syed, they wanted to share their culture and experience with food by establishing a menu that incorporates both Northern and Southern Indian dishes.

First up on the menu we have the Entrée for Two. This includes Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhahji and Sheek Kebabs. The Chicken Tikka is tender, moist and is cooked with capsicum, spices and a red sauce. The pastry of the Vegetable Samosas is thin and soft with the filling being seasoned so well. On top of that the Onion Bhahji is crispy with every bite and the Sheek kebabs fill you up even more. A very generous portion of appetisers to get you going.

Kadai Chicken is one of Indian House’s most popular dish. It is tender chicken cooked in hot spiced tomato, green chilli and ginger based curry. A very delicious dish with a big kick of flavour and spice. Ensure you have a glass of Mango Lassi on hand to cool down your tongue if you have a low chilli tolerance.

Next, we have the most popular dish when it comes to Indian cuisine. The all mighty Butter Chicken! Traditional flavoured tandoori marinated chicken cooked in rich tomato butter, cream almond and cashew nut – based curry. Can’t go wrong with Butter Chicken.

Chicken Tikka Masala is a curry dish that is well liked by many. Marinated chicken cooked in tandoor sauté with cubes of onion, capsicum fresh, tomato and fenugreek leaves. A solid dish for any meal.

The Chicken Biryani is delicious and full of flavour. Using Sella rice, the outcomes gives you fluffy and fragrant rice along with the combination of overnight marinated chicken slowly cooked together with saffron and chef special blended herb and spices.

If you are after a fall of the bone meat dish, the Lamb Shank is a must to order. Tender mouth -watering lamb shank, cooked with bay leaf, fresh ground spices and vine ripe tomato. You don’t need to use your knife for this dish.

The Lamb Rogan Josh has a bit more depth of flavour. It is tender lamb cooked with spices to entice your tastebuds with cloves, caraway seed, cinnamon and green cardamom. Another great curry dish to pair with fluffy and fragrant sella rice.

Continuing down the curry list, we have Beef Korma. A rich cream base curry, with perfectly cooked tender beef with the addition of cashew, fried onion, garam masala, cumin and ground plum. This dish can be ordered mild – hot according to your taste.

Beef Bukhara is also amongst one of the most popular curry dishes on the menu. This dish does have a bit of a kick to it, but it is also very delicious and flavoursome. Tender diced beef, cooked with hot spices, fried onion and desiccated coconut. A very fragrant curry and a must order if you can handle the spice.

Next we have a vegetarian curry, Dal Tadka. It is split red lentil curry cooked with fresh tomato, whole cumin, mustard seed, dried red chilli, curry leaves and ghee. A thicker curry that is very fragrant with a vibrant yellow colour.

Palak Paneer is spinach cooked with Paneer which is an Indian cheese. The cheese is firm in texture and goes really well with the soft cooked spinach. This curry dish is mild and creamy with home roasted spices and fresh herb. You also can’t go wrong with cheese.

Indian House wanted to try something a little different, so they have created the Spicy Indian Chicken Burger. The burger is light and quit refreshing with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The chicken patty is moist without being heavy or greasy. It is served with deliciously crispy cooked hot chips.

If you haven’t had Indian food before or you can’t really handle your spice, have no fear. Nassir and Asra can tailor the level of spice to suit your need. Their menu is very extensive and even have budget meal deals and banquet options for any occasion. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm-9pm and Sunday from 4pm-9pm.

Words by Dao Doan from The Dining Chair

WHERE: Hallett Cove Shopping Centre, Shop 7, 246 Lonsdale Rd, Hallett Cove


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