Serafino Wines – Summer Menu 2019

Nestled amongst the sea and vines, Serafino Wines exhibits some of the best food and wine that South Australia has to offer. Together, Executive Chef Daniel Armon and his team have worked to create a phenomenal fusion of local produce and worldwide cuisines, just in time for summer. If you’re after incredible food with an even better view, then this seasonal menu is a must try!


Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche
Cured in a Sharktooth chardonnay, this ceviche Hiramasa Kingfish was simply divine. Locally sourced from Port Lincoln, the dish was well balanced by a creamy crustacean aioli and smoky paprika. With a garnish of fennel leaves for spice and fish roe for a burst of saltiness, this dish was a magnificent fusion of unique flavours.

Zucchini Flower
Pureed caramelised cauliflower filled roast zucchini florets made for a richly decadent dish. Decorated with gin-soaked watermelon cubes, crispy puffed wild rice and a rose geranium foam, this dish was just as pretty as it was delicious.

Grilled Baby Cos
A refined take on the classic Caesar salad, this light yet fulfilling entrée was surprisingly flavourful. Placed on a bed of crisp baby cos, a combination of salty white anchovies and unique Hahndorf smoked bacon gel really brought this dish to life. The intriguing parmesan foam and cured yolk further enhanced these elements, while the pangrattato added a much welcome crunch.

Local Charred Squid
This lightly grilled squid, seasoned with fermented garden chilli, was perfectly complemented by a refreshingly subtle green apple and cucumber consommé. Finished with a touch of creamy buttermilk, finger lime and radish, this entrée was no less tasty than it was refined.

Roast Heirloom Tomatoes
In an exceptional fusion of sweet and savoury, this pairing of roast tomato with pickled strawberry was certainly unique. Accompanied by a delicate beetroot gelée, tomato consommé and an understated basil oil, this flavour fusion proved to be a fantastic vegetarian option.


Lenswood Duck
Succulent duck with a delicately crisp skin, served atop a bed of silky fermented carrot puree, made for a hearty summer meal. Paired with roast endive and a dusting of sweet plum powder, it was the hints of black garlic and caramelised apple that really enhanced the dish. Finished off with a rich onion jus, this locally sourced Lenswood duck was a stunningly executed main.

Market Fish
This fresh Harpuka, infused with the slight sharpness of a green mustard oil, was finished with finely ribboned asparagus and an airy mustard foam. An aesthetically appealing dish, the addition of salted cod roe added a saltiness that enhanced its mild flavour palate.

With fennel fronds and peas from the Serafino gardens, this modernised take on spaghetti was the embodiment of a fresh summer dish. Adding an air textural variety, the creamy whipped smoked curd and crunchy buckwheat chips were a welcome addition.

Paroo Kangaroo Tail
An homage to Australian native produce, this melt-in-your-mouth kangaroo tail was an absolute winner. Wrapped in rainbow chard from the garden, the richly tender kangaroo meat was humbled by a bed of velvety parsnip puree. Natively sourced muntries and a house made rosella gelée introduced a fruitiness to the dish, while speckled macadamia provided a subtle crunch. Drenched in a Geraldton wax reduction and garnished with lovage leaves, this was a complexly simplistic dish.

Another seafood dish, this al dente agnolotti stuffed with a smoky whipped cod roe was just to die for. Accented with a luscious saffron infused cream, and bursts of saltiness from the fiano marinated salmon roe and sea grapes, this dish was simply decadent.


Strawberries and Cream
This stunning combination of strawberry parfait and a vanilla Goat’s milk mousse was a match made in heaven. Sweet in flavour, the strawberry consommé boded well with the mildness of the parfait, while roasted almonds introduced a textural contrast.

Cucumber and Fennel Sorbet
Topped with airy meringue shards, this cucumber and fennel sorbet was a perfectly refreshing dessert. Velvety caramelised buttermilk and yoghurt mimicked the smoothness of the sorbet, adding only a mild flavour contrast to the dish. With a garnish of shaved white chocolate, this dessert was a unique marriage of sweet and savoury.

Itakuja 55% Chocolate Mousse
Death by chocolate? Sandwiched between two chocolate discs, this richly decadent Itakuja chocolate mousse was accompanied by a beautifully creamy fig leaf ice-cream. Combined with genoa figs and a sprinkling of cacao nibs, this dessert was in fact to die for.

With a selection of complexly curated dishes, this seasonal menu offers a combination of sweet and savoury. Combining fine dining with stunning views and exceptional service, Serafino’s new summer menu is a must try!

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: 39 Kangarilla Rd, McLaren Vale



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