Chu Chu

Nestled in Topham Mall, Chu Chu’s minimalistic fit out and coffee window draws city goers from all over town. Located in the CBD, Chu Chu’s goal is to serve quick and on the go food without sacrificing on quality and taste. Their menu is inspired from Western breakfast and lunch dishes with a twist of Japanese influences.

First dish of the day, the Dry Ramen. The description of this dish is in its name. We all love Ramen, but to make it easier and faster to eat this dish is served without the soup. The Ramen is tossed in home-made miso coating every string of noodle, topped with seasoned pork belly, bok choy and a beautifully cooked onsen egg.

Japanese curry is loved amongst plenty, and Chu Chu’s Tonkatsu Chicken Curry Rice Bowl will satisfy your Japanese curry needs. The tonkatsu chicken is cooked perfectly, crunchy and crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside adding texture to this delicious dish. The curry sauce itself is mild in flavour mixed with carrots and potatoes. It is served with Japanese jasmine rice, mixed lettuce, broccoli, pickled ginger and onion. A good hearty dish.

If you are wanting a quick on the lunch option, the Tonkatsu Pork Sando is perfect. Why opt for a ham and cheese sandwich when you can enjoy panko crumbed pork loin with cabbage, kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce in soft white bread. So much flavour, you might want to order more than one!

The Panko Prawn Burger is a light and flavoursome burger. The panko crumbed prawn is not oily and greasy. The prawns are deep fried perfectly in a light tempura batter. Incorporated into the burger is mixed leaf, tomato, seafood mayo in soft charcoal brioche bun.

Osaka and Hiroshima are the birthplaces of two kinds of Okonomiyaki. This dish is a savory version of Japanese pancake. Chu Chu’s Okonomiyaki takes on more of an Osaka style approach but with a twist. The flour batter is mixed with prawn and squid, house bbq sauce, spring onions, kewpie mayo and shaved bonito to make a lovely crispy and flavoursome pancake. To keep you feeling fuller for longer and to give you added protein, it is topped with two poached eggs! A very delicious dish with all the umami goodness.

Chu’s Signature Wagyu Rump Rice Bowl is outstanding. Using Marble 7+ wagyu, the meat is tender and juicy. With your first bite you can feel the crispiness when it was seared and the sweetness of the meat comes out leaving you wanting more. It is served in a rice bowl with broccoli, mixed leaf and sesame mayo drizzled on top. You can also order add ons, such as an onsen egg (highly recommend) or extra meat. A dish that will keep you feeling satisfied all day long.

Overall Chu Chu’s menu is light and packs so much flavour. The meals are served within a few minutes of ordering ensuring ample time for you to sit and savour your meal. They are open Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 4:00pm. Don’t forget to try their speciality coffee when you visit, they have a delicious range of cold drips and Japanese coffees to keep you feeling refreshed.

Words by Dao Doan from The Dining Chair

WHERE: Topham Mall, Shop 6-7, 54 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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