Sparkke at the Whitmore – Rooftop Bar and Kitchen Launch

The team at Sparkke have gone from strength to strength. The Sparkke Change Beverage Company launched back in January 2017, and in March this year, opened the Sparkke at the Whitmore brewpub. There are now plans for a second venue in Melbourne in 2020. Sparkke have recently launched their new Christmas range, and have released a range of cans with new social messages on them.

Tonight, privileged guests were invited to the launch of the rooftop bar and fired grill. The kitchen is run by Head Chef Emma McCaskill where the style of food being served is street food. Guest were treated to Handmade Samosas served with a coriander relish dip. The outer pastry was crisp and crunchy with the inside revealing a lightly spiced medley of vegetables.

Next were the Chargrilled Baby Corn with chilli butter and pistachio. These juicy corn cobbettes were firm and crunchy with a nice hit of heat from the chilli.

The Najobe Hangar Steak Skewers with onions and hot mustard were a hit with guests. The cubes of steak were juicy and succulent, and had a nice char on the outside. The natural sweetness of the onion and the hot mustard dip added good contrast.

The Free Range Chicken Roti Wrap with fermented chilli as delicious as it sounds. Juicy morsels of chicken were combined with fresh lettuce and tomato, and wrapped in a freshly baked roti. The fermented chilli wasn’t as spicy as you’d imagine.

For dessert, we had the Monte Carlo S’mores. A generously sized melted marshmallow cube was wedged inbetween two crunchy monte carlo biscuits. This bundle of sweetness was the perfect way to end the night.

There are so many amazing things happening at Sparkke. Not only did we get to experience their brand new rooftop bar, but we got to sample some of their new menu options from their new fired grill. Sparkke at the Whitmore is where it’s at, so make sure you follow them on all their social media channels to get regular updates.

WHERE: 317 Whitmore Square, Adelaide


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