Captain Moonlight’s Garden Party

Who doesn’t love a chic summer garden party? We sure do! Captain Moonlight’s Garden Party kicked off at The Maid Hotel in Stepney on Friday night and we were invited to the VIP launch party to preview what is set to be one of Adelaide’s hottest pop-up venues this summer.

Captain Moonlight’s Garden Party takes over from what was the venue for Lucky’s Beach Club, which has now moved to Morphetville Racecourse. The new pop-up is a collaboration between The Maid Hotel and local beverage companies, Ginscato, Signature Wines and Little Bang Brewery.

The Garden boasts a dining deck which later turns into a dance floor and relaxed picnic areas with comfy cushions to sit back and soak in the lush green surrounds all while enjoying the cool tunes with your drink of choice! There is a designated garden bar which is open from 5pm Fridays and 12pm on Saturday and Sundays. And what better way to enjoy your garden party experience than with a picnic platter full of local goodies to graze on.

Captain Moonlight’s Garden Party is open 7 days and runs until mid-January 2020. We can see ourselves enjoying many a summer day and nights at this cool outdoor venue. It’s an idyllic spot for lazily lounging on those warm summer afternoon or evenings.

Words by Julianne Sunic

WHERE: 1 Magill Rd, Stepney


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