Oysters in the Hills

On Saturday Adelaide Food Central was invited to attend Ambleside Distillers and Gazander Oysters event ‘Oysters in the Hills’. We all know that oysters are a favourite of ours at Adelaide Food Central, so it was our ideal way to spend our Saturday afternoon.

Located on a beautiful, large property on the main road as you enter Hahndorf, Ambleside Distillers is a place for those who enjoy sitting back; sipping gin or enjoying a share platter with the beautiful produce Adelaide has to offer. What about when you add oysters to the mix? Well really it makes it the best place on earth.

We began the afternoon with two refreshing gins including: No 8 Botanical with dehydrated orange and the Big Dry Gin with rosemary and lemon. Both beverages were sweet, with just the right blend of mixer and gin. Followed closely behind the drinks were the stunning oysters: six natural and six with ginger and shallot vinaigrette. The oysters were beyond fresh and you could still taste the salt water, like they had come straight from the sea. The afternoon with topped off with gorgeous live music and peaceful vibes.

We highly recommend heading up the freeway to the picturesque Hahndorf and making a stop off at this vibrant and modern distillery. Thank you to Ambleside Distillers and Gazander Oysters for having us along at this gorgeous event and to Little Lion PR for organising our visit.

Words by Tomika Salerno



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