Redheads Wines

Redheads is an expanding yet little known emerging winery in the Barossa Valley just off Angaston Rd. Having established a reputation abroad in international markets with awards and a sizable customer base, Redheads has now turned its attention back home. Looking to build upon their production and image, Redheads have renovated their home base. Providing a comfortable and mellow atmosphere that represents the brands devil may care yet unique approach.

Redheads wines, for the uninitiated, is a small, grassroots winery in Angaston that looks towards making unconventional and inventive blends. Previously sourcing grapes from a number of areas they have recently started releasing brews from their own vineyards, Saint Andrew’s Vineyards. 14 months after purchasing the land, on the 15th of February this year, they officially opened the winery. Having already built the foundations of a suburb winery the next step was to establish themselves within the Barossa Valley. Despite their international success they are still new in the area.

Starting renovation on one of their old buildings with the goal with to create a Cellar Door that didn’t feel too pompous and stuffy and kept the local and laid-back vibe that Redheads strives to embody. Another nine months later and hopes and dreams come into reality as Redheads unveil their cellar door and outdoor area. Not too big but not too small, plenty of space to play with and spot to chill out with mates. The Redheads Cellar Door successfully maintains that hometown garden bar aesthetic.

With this only being the beginning, Redheads have grand intentions moving forward however they are intent to not let go of that warm, personal touch which they’re already known for. So, if you love local, ethically produced wine or the recently produced Redhead Pale Ale, give the Redhead Cellar Door a visit. They will be open 12am-7pm Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Keeps your eyes peeled as Redheads have much more in store as they scope the landscape.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 258 Angaston Rd, Angaston


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