Atlantis Bar and Lounge

Atlantis Bar and Lounge have relaunched with new owners, ready to set the scene with a fresh vision. Located on Waymouth Street, this space has a stunning bar, an impressive fish tank and an outdoor space that is sure to impress anyone!

This past weekend, we attended Atlantis Bar and Lounge’s Launch and we couldn’t be more excited. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by lovely smiles and our eyes quickly danced around, admiring the glass blue bars with hues of the ocean which couldn’t be more aesthetically pleasing. To elevate your senses even more, adjacent to the bar stood a floor to ceiling large fish tank that was out of this world spectacular! Such a great addition to the space, that really hones in on the tropical vibes. Now, this space isn’t called a Lounge for no reason, all across the room you will find long cushioned benches, imitate couch corners, and decorative dusty pink and blue arm chairs with marble white or gold coated tables. If you’re looking for some fresh air, Atlantis have a stunning outdoor space which includes an outdoor bar and kitchen, garden and VIP area that you can book out.

Whether you’re catching up with friends, colleague’s, or associates in a small or large group, Atlantis is the perfect venue for your all needs. They have an array of striking cocktails like their ‘Disintegration’, which consists of Bacardi, pavan muscat grade, triple sec, fresh lime and lemon with fairy floss. A sure crowd pleaser and a personal favourite! And if you’re hungry you can order from their amazing selection of share platters and pizzas, curated by the talented Head Chef – Justin Bentley.

Here’s some the foods and drinks we enjoyed at Atlantis Bar and Lounge Launch Party.

Antipasto Platter – The perfect platter to share over a drink. What makes a good platter? To us, it’s a mixture of cooked and fresh produce. This platter has that. You get perfectly grilled chorizo sausage, accompanied by sautéed capsicum and pickled olives. To cleanse the palette, you have offerings of cucumber, carrot and celery with hummus. A great selection of ingredients perfect for sharing.

Vegetarian Pizza – Who doesn’t like wood oven pizza? This thin crusted pizza was perfectly cooked, with charred edges and topped with fresh rocket was phenomenal. There’s just something about wood oven pizza’s that can’t be beat! They also have other toppings like ham &pineapple, bbq meat lovers and the classic margherita.

Marinated Chicken Skewers – This was a crowd favourite. The chicken was lightly marinated with herbs and chargrilled until cooked through and juicy! We loved the addition of freshly diced tomato and coriander, which pulled everything together perfectly. Although the food menu is limited in numbers, it offers only the best dishes that you’d want to order. The menu selection is second to none and all cooked right in front of your eyes in the outdoor kitchen area.

Atlantis Cocktail – Wow. If we could have 10 of these, we would! This drink had the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The grey goose lingered around nicely and paired beautifully with the DeKuyper blue curacao. Like with all their cocktails, the colour and look of this was stunning.

Disintegration Cocktail – This cocktail is the perfect girl’s night out drink. Its pink, comes with fair floss which then gets disintegrated when the liquids are poured over. With the Bacardi being the base note of this cocktail, the tangy flavours of triple sec, lemon and lime marry well, which has a soft finish.

It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re in such a beautiful space, enjoying some of the best cocktails and foods while chatting and dancing away into the night. We’re still mesmerized by the whole experience.

Which is why we’re confident you’d enjoy this too. Whether you have a catch up with friends, a group gathering or needing a venue space, make Atlantis Bar and Lounge your next destination. This is the place to be.

Words by Tien Thach of Tastytag

WHERE: 163 Waymouth St, Adelaide




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