La Taberna Bar & Kitchen

You’ve probably already heard a lot about La Taberna from us here at Adelaide Food Central, with our review of their opening and their media launch event, but we are back again – because what’s not to love about this gorgeous restaurant and bar?

It’s only been five weeks since the opening of La Taberna, and everybody on Rundle Street’s east-end is already delighted with the addition of the beautiful Latin-American style restaurant and bar. The venue is always inviting, with vibrant colours, incredible smells, and happy chatter along with the clinking of cutlery from the patrons.

The establishment is run by the well experienced hospitality worker and food enthusiast, Miguel Sá, who welcomed us with open arms and delivered a delightful lunch of his hand-picked recommendations.

As our food was being prepared, we indulged in Miguel Sá’s gorgeous Red Wine Sangria. With the rich flavours from the red wine, and beautiful light essences of the fresh seasonal fruit, this cocktail is perfect for the upcoming hot, summer evenings. There is a mixture of red wine, fireball, ginger ale, and sugar which make up this drink, but Miguel refuses to divulge his secret recipe, so you’ll have to taste it yourself if you want to know what it’s really like. But don’t worry, it’s definitely worth a try!

We began our food adventure with two entrees, the Pasteis De Bacalhau (Cod Fish Cakes) and the Gambas Taco (Prawn Taco). The smell of the Pasteis De Bacalhau is absolutely intoxicating, and had our mouths watering before the food was placed before us. The batter is light and airy, and the delicate crispiness pairs beautifully with the soft inside of the fish cakes. The homemade aioli is creamy and light, and pairs wonderfully with the Pasteis De Bacalhau as it enhances the texture, yet doesn’t overwhelm the dish and take away from the main flavours. The Gambas Taco is the perfect soft shell taco to enhance our summertime. Beautifully seasoned and with a strong flavours of coriander, the taco is light and easy to eat. There is a mild spice in the chipotle aioli, which gives a mild kick to the dish, and adds a whole new and intoxicating flavour.

The Gambas Al Ajillo (Garlic Prawns) are a beautiful assortment of reds and pinks, served in a delicate, zesty sauce and with toasted sourdough bread. The prawns are pan-fried to perfection, and retain a mild saltiness which pairs wonderfully with the light chilli, lemon, garlic and dill sauce. The sourdough soaks in the flavours, while retaining a crisp outside and a soft and almost gooey inside. Prawn lovers are bound to love the sophisticated flavours of the Gambas Al Ajillo and enjoy this simple, yet flavourful dish.

The Loco Fries are definitely a colourful crowd-pleaser, with the aspects of your traditional nachos served on top of french fries. Topped with La Taberna sauce, cheese, picco de gallo, black beans, guacamole, and sour cream, the Loco Fries manage to be creamy, crisp, and smooth all at once. The french fries beneath the toppings become gooey and delicious with flavour, and the others on the outside remain crisp and delightful. Loco Fries is the sort of dish that you just can’t go wrong with, and no matter how many times you look over the menu, you’ll be craving this delicious American twist to a Mexican classic!

La Taberna Cordero (Roast Lamb) is one of the most exquisite roasts you will ever try. Served beside roast potato, carrot, shredded cabbage, and with a gorgeous mint sauce, the La Taberna Cordero is a wonderful lamb roast with beautiful rosemary infusions. Cooked to perfection, the succulent meat falls apart in your mouth and fills you with delicious and rich flavours. A wholesome and almost rustic meal, the La Taberna Cordero is perfect to warm you up and make you feel cosy on a cold winter’s night.

The desserts at La Taberna are one of a kind – simple, elegant, and absolutely exquisite. The flavours are paired perfectly to create a flavourful dish which can be easily enjoyed and will not overwhelm the palate. The Pudin Flan is a gorgeous orange, caramel, and egg flan, with a sweet citrusy syrup and refreshing mint garnish. The flan is smooth and creamy, and the fresh orange slices explode sweetness inside your mouth and add texture to the dish. The Pastel De Elote (Corn Cake) is a simple and one-of-a-kind dish. A creamy vanilla sauce soaks beautifully into the rich, floury texture of the corn cake and makes a lusciously textured sweet. The purple pansies add a burst of colour to the dish, and a light and floral sensation when eaten with the corn cake. The Pastel De Elote feels like home in a dish, and you cannot visit La Taberna without trying it!

Everything served at La Taberna is three things: simple, honest, and full of flavour! The servings are wholesome and leave nothing to be desired, and you’ll go home knowing you’ve just enjoyed a beautiful, authentic, and delicious meal which was made with practise and love. So next time you’re on the east-end, pop into La Taberna and be greeted with open arms by the wonderful staff who will serve you one of the most authentic and delicious meals that you’ll be able to find in Adelaide.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 281 Rundle St, Adelaide


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