Bethnal Green

Tucked away between RSQ and Ballers Sports Bar is a tiny barbershop, and within that barbershop is a secret. If you’re brave enough to ignore the ‘STAFF ONLY’ sign on the door, you’ll find yourself stepping into one Adelaide’s newest bars – Bethnal Green.

Bethnal Green is named after the tube station in London which goes by the same name, and the bar does justice to its British namesake. The roof is a beautifully designed curved marble with warm lights which gives the bar an intimate feeling. The walls are tiled in white and black, and imitate the walls of the London tube station to perfection. There are rich wooden tables for couples and small groups, as well as red velvet booths in elevated sitting space which is designed for large groups.

The bar offers a range of cocktails from their Experimental Menu, which are Bethnal Green designed cocktails and change month to month, their Bethnal Martinis, and their Traditional Menu. They also offer 26 different vodkas to keep even the most fussy of us satisfied!

The Underground was a citrus flavoured cocktail with vanilla vodka, lemon juice and cranberry juice, and was topped off with fairy floss as well as sherbet around the glass’s rim. The pink of the drink and the blue of the sherbet collaborate to make a drink which looks both fun and bright. The first sips are incredibly tangy, but once you’ve mixed in the fairy floss, you get a whole new twist on the drink! The cocktail becomes light and sweet, with a tart aftertaste. The Underground is a new twist on the traditional fairy floss cocktail, which is generally very sweet and decadent, where in comparison, this cocktail is light and fruity.

The Leather Apron is a dangerous cocktail due to how incredibly delicious, decadent, and easy it is to drink! The cocktail is made from chocolate liqueur, Frangelico, and milk, with Nutella around the glass’s rim and topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. Super sweet and with a creamy feel, you can still get a taste of the Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur. The sprinkles come up the straw as you are drinking and give you a sweet sensation as well as a surprise crunch as you enjoy your drink! The whipped cream sinks into the drink and creates a thick, creamy flavour which pairs perfectly with the Nutella along the sides.

The Red Daiquiri is a perfect example of what a strawberry daiquiri is meant to be. Made with Bacardi White, strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberries and lime juice, with sliced limes and strawberry sherbet on the side as garnishes, this cocktail is the ultimate slushie to get us through the summertime! The pink of the drink is complemented with red flecks of fresh strawberry that you can not only taste, but gives the cocktail a nice, thick texture. This drink manages to be a perfect balance of light, fruity, and fresh, and was definitely one of the biggest hits of the night.

Cyclone Cocktails are some of the magical drinks available at Bethnal Green. You can’t miss the bright colours of the Cyclone Cocktails as they swirl around in their vials behind the bar looking as though they are straight out of you favourite sci fi flick. Poured onto dry ice to maintain their movement, these cocktails swirl and smoke even while you’re drinking them. As you take a sip, the gorgeous smells of the cocktails drift into your nose whilst the bubbles tickle your cheeks. They are available in apple, blue raspberry, and strawberry, each with its own unique colour and flavour. My personal favourite was the blue raspberry, as it was the sweetest and most flavourful of the selection.

With its unique atmosphere and experimental drinks, Bethnal Green is sure to become a hit venue on Hindley Street in no time. The clean and classy vibe is sure to attract a more mature vibe, and the upbeat but quiet music allows both atmosphere and conversation. In order to find another place like it, you’ll have to go all the way to the United Kingdom, so why not just head downstairs and discover London like you never have before?

Bethnal Green is open every Thursday and Friday night from 5pm, with hopes of opening on Sundays as well once summer is in full swing.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 111 Hindley St, Adelaide


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