Marion Hotel – Launch Party

Over the last two years the Marion Hotel has been going through a major refurbishment. This being the first refurbishment the hotel has under gone in its 20-year history, those in charge were sure to leave no stone unturned. The new Hurley Cellars were first unveiled last year and now after an extensive redesign the New-look Marion Hotel is finally open for business.

To christen the modernised Marion Hotel, the Hurley Hotel Group with the help of Girl About Town and a number of local suppliers and distributors held the Lovin’ Livin’ Locale, event to introduce the community to a new hub of entertainment and accommodation in the south. With a completely reworked dining room, function space and 62 accommodation rooms, 50 of which a brand new, the Hurley group looks to emerge to be a staple of the Marion community.

Dining and function rooms have more than doubled in size, multiple open-air areas create a breezy summer vibe. The new rooms are of exceptional quality with large bathrooms, cozy living areas and multiple rooms able to be joined together for families. With the Flinders Hospital undergoing its own revitalisation the Marion Hotel has positioned itself to be an excellent refuge for those visiting.

It’s not just the visuals that have been overhauled. New menus, drinks and dining options ensure that you’ll be treated on every visit. The new Marion Hotel boasts over 100 staff ensuring you are always well attended with remarkable service in a reasonable time. The attached Hurley cellars compliments the hotel with an expansive selection of local and imported drinks, a walk-in cellar and its own bar in which to hold tastings and masterclasses.

For 20 years the Marion hotel has been on hand to serve its neighbourhood and act as a conduit of good times and great memories for the people who live here. The look may have changed but the goal is still the same. To provide an outstanding venue and extraordinary service for the people of the Marion area.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 849 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park


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