Spice Shot 2.0 – Media Launch

For birthdays, catch-ups, or even just those nights where you don’t feel like cooking—a colourful banquet of traditional Indian cuisine never goes astray. But as 2015 VMAs Nicki Minaj would say… what’s good? Well, we have a very welcome suggestion for the people of Adelaide. If you’re not already familiar with this little gem, Spice Shot 2.0 is a haven of aromatic spices, VIP service, and overall fabulous food that warms the heart and the soul.

Located on Henley Beach road in Mile End, the restaurant is also connected to the home of nitrogen ice-cream—Adelaide’s newest Dessert Bar: Creamistry. This means customers can heat up the palette with some rich, flavourful meals before cooling off with one of the show-stopping concoctions next door. But first and foremost, here’s a little more about our premium culinary experience.

We kicked off the evening with an entrée of Samosas (triangle pastries with a mild potato and green pea filling), and Chicken Tikka. There’s something about the Tandoori barbeque flavours of Chicken Tikka that is simply unrivalled by other cooking methods—and Spice Shot definitely nailed it. The meat is tender, absolutely full of flavour, and pairs well with any other plate on the menu. This of course includes the Samosas, which are no-doubt a crowd favourite with their mild spice and crispy outer edge which we smothered in rich chutney. After finding ourselves fully immersed and ready for more of the best Indian Adelaide has to offer, we washed down our starters with a decadently delicious Mango Lassi (a must try!).

Onto mains, we were absolutely spoilt with a banquet of the Desi Butter Chicken, Beef and Potato Vindaloo, Sachinomania and the Veg Korma. The Butter Chicken was still sizzling as it arrived; emitting mouth watering scents. As probably the most widely appreciated Indian meal in Australia, we were not let down by the rich buttery tomato gravy and delicately cooked chicken. Every meal was also complimented with sides of garlic naan and rice to add the heartiness that leaves people feeling full, and incredibly content after premium cuisine.

The Potato and Beef Vindaloo was definitely one of the stand-out meals. It packed the kind of punch that leaves your tastebuds dancing, while boasting a number of unique traditional flavours. The slow-cooked beef basically melted in your mouth—both from the heat of the spice and the slow-cook method behind it.

But if you’re into milder flavours, the Sachinomania and Veg Korma will not disappoint. The Sachinomania is a recipe with a bit of an interesting backstory, and one that’s been deemed a family favourite of Spice Shot’s owner. The meal includes fish which has been cooked to the liking of an esteemed Indian Cricket Master: Sachin Tendulkar. The man must have impeccable taste…because it was yet another menu item that had our approval. It had a delectable buttery taste that set it apart from everything else.

The Veg Korma once again introduced a completely different set of flavours. The dish is made up of seasonal veggies and dry fruits, simmered in almond cream sauce. The best part about this type of cuisine is that vegetarians don’t have to warm the bench—because the flavours seep from every component, not just the meat. The creamy textures and perfectly cooked vegetable were a match made in heaven!

Last on the menu was the Gulab Jamun; a popular milk-solid-based dessert with oozy syrup and strong-hints of cinnamon. It’s effectively a combination of donuts and dumplings—so what could possibly go wrong? They definitely make for the perfect way to end an indulgent banquet, and we’ll definitely be back for round two. So, if you’re interested in trying some of the best authentic Indian cuisine in Adelaide, you absolutely can’t go past the menu at Spice Shot 2.0!

Words by Kimberley Goodman

WHERE: 127 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End


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