Marion Hotel – New Cellars Launch

The Marion Hotel is near completion of its 12-month renovation valued at over 20 million dollars. As the grand results near and things begin to come together, The Marion Hotel are now starting to open up to display some of the fantastic new developments that they have on offer.

One of the first projects to see completion is the Hurley Cellars. These cellars are a collaboration venture with the Hurley Hotel Group creating relationships with some of the best wineries and alcohol distributors in the country to create experiences unlike that of your typical cellar.

One of these first partnerships is with the ever popular Hentley Farm. Having become one of the icons of the Barossa Valley with a number of award-winning blends, Hentley is happy to offer some of their finest selections at the new Hurley Cellars.

Girl About Town PR and Hurley Cellars invited Adelaide Food Central to not only showcase their new look cellar but present some of the beautiful wines from Hentley Farm and the delightful dishes prepared by Head Chef Dave Pedro.

Served up to sample was a Seared Kingfish with wakame, and wasabi mayo, Smoked Chicken with mayo on a crostini and Haloumi, tomato and basil on a crisp wonton. All of these bite sized entrées embody the Marion Hotel’s new food philosophy. As stated by Marketing Manager, Elly Deegan “We want to throw away the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to food and wine functions by creating a calendar of unique events ranging from intimate degustation dinners to large supplier showcases.’ This was capped off by a perfectly prepared Smoked Beef Rib Steak and Braised Brisket. Cooked in exactly the right way to give maximum flavour while it melts in your mouth.

The way Hurley has been designed accompanies this mind set. With a large cellar and a bar set up for wine, beer, and spirit tastings and events, Marion Hotel is going above and beyond your typical bottle-o.
The Marion Hotel renovations are still underway but should be completed within the next couple months.

If the Hurley Cellars are anything to go by as well as Chef Pedro’s dishes this is going to become one of the most popular establishments down South. Keep an eye on the Hurley Cellars social media pages as they promise many more wine and spirits events to come.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 849 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park


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