HandleBar Adelaide – Brunch Tour

Have you ever wanted to combine drinking, cycling and brunch? Probably not, but you’re thinking about it now. HandleBar Adelaide are introducing a new kind of tour: the Brunch Tour. The new Brunch Tour continues to offer a two-hour tour around the Adelaide CBD on a pedal-powered bike bar. The features of the new tour are an earlier time, suitable morning drinks and a brunch stop.

You may have seen HandleBar Adelaide riding around the city or on a travel TV show. It is Australia’s first and only pedal-powered pub operating in Adelaide since 2016. Originating from the land of windmills (Netherlands), the pedal-powered pubs are made in Amsterdam to fit into a shipping container to make the trip over.

If a 10am start seems too early to have a beer, cider or wine (we won’t judge), you can enjoy a mimosa or Farmers Union Iced Coffee. And, of course, stay hydrated with water. After the initial shock of realising you’ve skipped too many leg days, you’ll make a ride stop for fuel at Arbour Kitchen. Enjoy a scrumptious brunch at the Adelaide daytime restaurant known for showcasing SA produce and producers. Plus, the light, greenery venue provides even more photo opportunities photos for the ‘gram.

Arbour Kitchen offer four options in conjunction with HandleBar Adelaide’s Brunch Tour: Farmers Market, Vegan Farmers Market, Sweetcorn Fritters and French Toast. The Farmers Market is a classic big breakfast including bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, beans and kale. Rather than imitate meats and eggs, The Vegan Farmers Market enhances the flavours of a spread of veggies and might be the perfect boost to start your day. The Sweetcorn Fritters comes with sultana chutney, beetroot and crunchy pear coleslaw. And for the sweet tooth in your group, enjoy French Toast with ice cream, poached pear, pistachio crumb and berries. Combine your brunch with a coffee, mimosa and/or beer for under $30. Be sure to leave room for a big meal before you head out on the tour.

To make things easy, brunch is pre-ordered, and drinks are pre-organised and paid for online before you leave. Tee up your favourite playlist to set the party mood and focus enjoying your ride and beverages. You are sure to attract plenty of attention from onlookers as you cycle through the city. Take photos while moving at your own risk (stopping at Victoria Square is ideal for a group shot).

There is no hidden motor on board – you’ve really got to cycle to move! The pedal-powered pub can fit 16 people plus the driver. The driver will serve drinks and act as your guide, especially for how to cycle. With only 10 stools with pedals, some people get an easier ride than others so choose riding companions wisely. It’s not long now until work Christmas party season so this option may be ideal for your small team, or any other upcoming special occasion.

Find more information about pricing and booking at https://handlebaradelaide.com.au/.

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at HandleBar Adelaide, especially our driver Thomas, for inviting Adelaide Food Central to try your new Brunch Tour.

Words by Chloe Cannell



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