Samurai Teppanyaki House – Australia’s Only Kobe Beef Accredited Restaurant

Adelaide’s reputation as a world-class food destination has received a further boost, with Samurai Teppanyaki House becoming the first Australian restaurant allowed to feature the world’s best beef on its menu.

Accreditation is a great honour and Samurai Teppanyaki House joins an exclusive list of globally-esteemed restaurants that have received registration from the Kobe Beef Distribution and Promotion Council, allowing them to access and serve the prized ingredient.

The announcement was made last night at an exclusive media event at the Hyde Park restaurant, which – thanks to owner and head chef Clark Zhang’s passion for the very best ingredients – featured Kobe beef accessed as a special once-off before the news of the accreditation was delivered two days ago.

As part of the special event series, Kobe beef, which sells for around $850 per kilogram, will also be served to the public for the first time in Australia tonight, alongside South Australia’s finest produce, as part of a ten-course degustation menu.

Zhang said it was part of the traditional teppanyaki philosophy to serve only the very best, with Kobe beef known around the world for its flavour.

“Our specialty is serving the highest quality steak: until now, we have imported Japanese Wagyu, but I have been trying to get the best beef in the world, which is Kobe,” Zhang said.

“Last year, when I was in Japan, I went to the wagyu auction place, and promised to our customers that I would bring the real Kobe to Adelaide in the future. Now, I’m delivering on that promise.

“We will continue to support Australia wagyu beef as well: our soon-to-be-launched menu will have more varieties of wagyu steak, such as Mayura Station Wagyu from Mount Gambier, Sher Wagyu from Victoria, and Japanese wagyu from different regions.

“Samurai Teppanyaki House is the destination for a world-class wagyu steak experience.”

Kobe beef refers to meat from Tajima-gyu cows certified by the Kobe Beef Distribution and Promotion Council. Tajima-gyu cows, the ‘motoushi’ or purebred seedstock cattle, have maintained a pure bloodline since Japan’s Edo period (1615 to 1867).

Protecting this lineage has also meant protecting its delicious taste, which contributes to the high cost of producing this delicacy.

Kobe beef can only be purchased from Japan as a whole carcass, with each accompanied by a certificate proving the animal’s lineage.

Zhang said beef with such high marbling needs to be cooked precisely, a skill he has perfected in Japan.

“Teppanyaki cooking is an art. You can see, hear and smell all the dishes right before you taste them.”

At the media event, visiting celebrity chef and Teppanyaki Association of Japan Vice Chairman, Takanori Kambe, was also made an honorary chef of Samurai Teppanyaki House, further strengthening Adelaide’s ties with teppanyaki royalty.

The restaurant’s official trophy and certificate from the Kobe Beef Distribution and Promotion Council are on their way from Japan to authenticate the certification, and Zhang hopes that Kobe beef will be on the menu in the next few weeks.

WHERE: 116 King William Rd, Hyde Park


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