AAMI Spring Carnival Launch

After a sold out season last year, the 2019 AAMI Spring Racing Carnival has finally launched. This year the AAMI experience will be bigger and better with Porsche hosting the Melbourne Cup experience and Lucky’s Beach Club bringing in the regular fun.

When Lucky’s Beach Club first opened at the Maid Hotel it was an exciting time. This place offered Bali beach club vibes complete with sand between the toes only 5 minutes from home. As an avid lover of all things beach, this place was a great addition and provided the laid back setting for many Sunday sessions.

Enter the warmth of 2019 and Lucky’s Beach Club has taken its own vacation but this time adopting a more refined Hamptons style (no more sand between the toes) reactivating the Champagne Lawns at the Morphetville Racecourse as part of the AAMI Spring Racing Carnival.

Every Saturday from the ninth of November until the Twilight Races on the twentieth of December Lucky’s will be opening its doors. On race days, racegoers will be able to treat themselves to private booth packages or simply enjoy the day casually in general admission. After the end of the Spring Carnival Lucky’s is expected to sprawl and continue to pump out the trackside good times. We’re looking forward to heading back on a sunny afternoon to enjoying an aperol spritz in a white washed setting and something a bit different.

Words by Vanessa De Chellis




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