Adelaide Wine Markets – Grenache Fest 2019

If you are searching for the perfect event for any occasion then the Adelaide Wine Markets is definitely for you.  Perfect for those catch-ups with friends, a romantic date night, or even if you are a wine lover or just want to know more about the types of wines you may enjoy; look no further.

With wine tastings and sales from over 25 of South Australia’s best small & boutique producers, Grenache Fest 2019 was in full swing last Saturday, packed with people from start till end.

Like all Adelaide Wine Markets before it, this month’s edition was a wonderful event. Held once again at The Market Shed on Holland, the beautiful open space produced the perfect relaxed atmosphere for a fun and enjoyable night.

Not only having a great ambience, the event is kind on the wallet too. The $30 ticket fee includes the tasting of any (and as many) wines and spirits you would like. If you want to make a night of it, you can spend a little extra and stay for dinner, with your choice of Turkish pastries, wood oven pizzas, or fresh Italian pastas on offer. You could even grab a cheese platter to go with your wine, and sit by the live music. And in the end, you’ll get a free wine glass to take home too! What’s not to love?

As I drifted from stall to stall, tasting plenty of delicious wines, I was grateful I dragged my partner along to be my designated driver. I can’t list every wine I tasted but here are some of my favourite wines of the night:

If you are sweet tooth like me, you would love what Z Wines have to offer. I was recommended their Xave Reisling and I was not disappointed. It was lovely and sweet but not super prominent, delivering an off-dry style. Slight tangs of acidity balanced the sweeter tones, giving it a crisp and light finish. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine; even sneaking back later for a second ‘tasting’.

I didn’t even have to try their wines to fall in love with Poppy the Frenchie Wines. Their large signed backdrop that portrayed an image of a beautiful French bulldog already swayed my decision. They even got bonus points from me for their live ‘Poppy Cam’, showing what the real Poppy was up to while her owners were out. I did try their Grenache Rosé and I was glad it held up to my expectations. Another semi-sweet wine, it held a drier flavour and a lovely fruity tang; exhibiting a bouquet of cherries and strawberries at the end.

Turkey Flat Vineyards had a lovely Rosé, made from 100% Grenache. The semi-dry wine had a lovely fruity character, while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness, and an almost fresh peach tang to finish. Not as sweet as the others I tried but lovely nonetheless, swaying my traditional go-to palate, tempting me to try something more savoury.

Going out of my comfort zone I headed to Rock of Wisdom Wines to try their recommended Vintage Grenache. “If I had to drink only one of my wines for the rest of my life, this would be it,” said winemaker Pete. I am normally not a fan of red wine but I enjoyed its refreshing lift of fruity tones with a delicate tang of spiced oak. It felt very fresh and elegant and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this heavier wine.

Rusty Mutt Wines (I know I can’t help myself, I’m obsessed with dogs) had a delicious GSM (Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro blend) titled ‘Rocky Ox’. This wine had fragrant spicy oak tones that shone through, blending perfectly with flavours of ripe cherry and strawberry with a savoury tang to finish. Some herbs, spices and fresh mint also seasoned this complex wine. The palate still felt light and fresh even with its succinct acidity bringing it to a savoury close. It was an enjoyable more savoury wine, even for a sweet lover like me.

Grenache Fest is not just for the wine lovers, however. With Craft Beer, Cider and Gin also available for tasting, there is guaranteed to be something that everyone can enjoy.

By visiting the Adelaide Wine Markets, it’s easy to find yourself in the mind of a wine connoisseur; or at least partly on your way to becoming one. For someone like me who doesn’t stray far from a large glass of Moscato, it is a great opportunity to try different types of wines, expanding your palate, all for a reasonable price tag.

The Adelaide Wine Markets are held every couple of months; so make sure to keep up to date via social media, as I expect to see you at the next one!

Words by Cyndal King



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