Acacia – Brunch Tasting Menu

Brunch just got a lot fancier down at Acacia!

Located in the vibrant suburb of Henley Beach, Acacia launched its new brunch tasting menu last weekend which offers customers a chance to sample four of the menu’s best selling dishes, produced by Chef Duane Tilka. In this unique dining experience, modern breakfast options have been combined with fine dining to create a sensory adventure from start to finish in this stylish, chic eatery.

The tasting menu is set out as followed.

Blue Swimmer Crab
Tender blue swimmer crab is combined with creamy scrambled eggs and placed atop a crunchy pieces of toast. The dish is then finished with a garnish of finger lime and bonito flakes to add texture and flavour. A touch of elegance has been added to the idea of classic scrambled eggs with incorporation of deliciously made seafood.

White Bean and Chorizo Smash
A dish which reminded me of the consistency of luscious hummus; white beans have been mashed, mixed with spicy chorizo, and then topped with almond pieces, marinated tomatoes and fried kale. Toast is also provided and is to be eaten with the white bean mixture on top with the almond and kale providing a great textural balance and extra crunch. It was a delicious dish that left me wanting more, and is unlike anything I have eaten.

Not Bacon and Eggs
As the name suggests, this is certainly not bacon and eggs but had my mouth watering as soon as it came out. Roasted pork belly with perfectly cooked crackling has been topped with asian herbs and ginger caramel sauce. It was a wonderful combination of salty and sweet elements and went wonderfully with the twice cooked egg with a runny yolk.

Chocolate Mouse Crumpets
It’s on the menu as a breakfast item, but to end the brunch tasting on a sweet high it has been used in an excellent way as a dessert-like dish. A soft, spongy crumpet is topped with a smooth chocolate mousse which provided enough sweetness without being overpowering. This dish also had great textural ingredients with the addition of dried orange and honeycomb pieces and provided great presentation.

Acacia has covered every base. If you feel like treating yourself or pushing the boat out, brunch cocktails can be ordered to enhance your breakfast experience. We tried the Bloody Mary cocktail and the Mimosa. Both were so refreshing, and while sitting in the Sunday morning sun, made for a relaxing setting and a great way to end the week.

Honourable Mention – The Hot Chocolate
I have quite the sweet tooth which always results in a hot chocolate being ordered whenever I am out for brunch. This occasion was no different and the hot chocolate impressed us straight away after being presented in a modern mug with a roasted marshmallow on a skewer laid on top. The hot chocolate itself was also very morish with a great level of sweetness.

If you’re someone who likes fine dining, trying multiple menu options, or fancy a change from your usual breakfast, you will feel right at home at Acacia while trying out their new brunch tasting menu. I loved trying each of the thoughtfully created dishes and understand why these four dishes are best sellers. Compliments to the Chef and the team at Acacia for putting together a such a delicious culinary experience.

Opening hours at Acacia are Monday to Tuesday are 7am-4pm, from Friday to Sunday 7am-11pm. Breakfast is served daily from 7am.

Words by Holly Bray from Hungry Girl Adventures

WHERE: 3/269 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach


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