Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar

Brunch lovers and dessert enthusiast alike, this is a public service announcement!

Located close to the Adelaide CBD in Mile End, Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar opened its doors last weekend and on offer is a game changing dessert menu, along with all day breakfast and lunch options.

With laid back cafe vibes and inviting wall decor, this place provides the perfect setting for a relaxed meal throughout the day with the opportunity to indulge in delectable desserts with the eye catching liquid nitrogen ice cream as a menu highlight.

The attentive, warm service and attention to detail when it came to the presentation of their dishes made for an memorable dining experience.

Eggy Breaky Bruschetta
A menu option which immediately stuck out to me, the Eggy Breaky Bruchetta contained a great a generous mixture of crispy bacon, dukkha, parmesan cheese, creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes and sweet balsamic drizzle loaded on top of a crusty Turkish bread with a perfectly runny poached egg. This ingredient blend had a great balance of salty and sweet elements and would keep you satisfied for hours.

King Salmon
A classic option with a twist! The usual crowd winning ingredient combination of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado, grilled tomatoes is carefully placed on top of crusty Turkish or rye bread. This dish in enhanced by the additional of a dill sour cream and capers artfully spread out on the side of the plate which makes for a mouth-watering brunch choice.

Mango King and Berrylicious Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
As the menu suggests, this is more than your average ice cream. Like something out of a science lesson, liquid nitrogen which has been stored at a temperature of -300˚C is mixed with a flavoured cream mixture and stirred to produce the characteristic cloud affect and ultimately results in a smooth, velvety ice cream. The four flavours currently on offer are Mango King, Berrylicious, Coffee + Chocolate and Jerralnut. Each one is uniquely garnished after serving. We couldn’t go past the Mango King and Berrylicious flavours, and enhancing the science theme, the bright yellow Mango flavour is topped with a syringe of sweet mango syrup to accompany this tropical dessert.

The Berrylicious flavour certainly delivered on its name. Following the evaporation of the cloudy liquid nitrogen, a vibrant purple coloured ice cream is unveiled in the bowl. After serving, the ice-cream is topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and an waffle cone creating a dessert which is so picturesque its almost too attractive to eat – but we had no problem polishing it off!

Four flavours of ice cream will soon become fifteen over the coming weeks, so be sure to keep your eyes open for these as I know we can’t wait to try them! Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 3pm for breakfast and lunch, and from 5pm for desserts.

Words by Holly Bray from Hungry Girl Adventures

WHERE: 127 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End



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