Adelaide Wine Markets – June 2019

Every couple of months, something great happens in South Australia. Wine makers and sales representatives from all over the state jam pack their cars with banners, business cards and, most importantly, cases of their lovingly crafted wine and cruise over to the Market Shed on Holland for the Adelaide Wine Markets. There, they each set up their stalls and prepare themselves to introduce people to, what could be, their new favourite drop.

Like all previous AWM, the June 2019 edition was a smashing affair. There was good wine, lovely food, a warming ambiance on a mid winter night and, of course, great company. The June event also saw the return of the Masterclass; something I was very pleased about.

The Masterclass was hosted by two brothers in blood and wine: the men behind Jack West and James Lienert. We were guided through their lights to darks with the assistance of some very fine cheese provided by Cheeseaholics. We left the class enriched with knowledge of the Barossa West and a new favourite vino to add to the list! Jack West’s Grenache was too lovely to live without and a bottle was purchased to be enjoyed at a later date. The later date was in fact the next day but we didn’t know that then… too irresistible!

We were happy to see the return of some favourites. The team at Hey Diddle are pushing boundaries and creating some very different drops. We went home with another bottle of their Montepulciano which is patiently waiting for the end of Dry July. Max & Me were in attendance, sharing tastings of their limited range. Something about their House Blend is just captivating. We were introduced to Forage Supply Co and enjoyed a glass of their GSM. Talking to the team we learnt about their commitment to the environment and sustainability; a cause we can all get on board with. Check out their stylish website to learn more yourself.

Taking a break from the wine, I must dedicate some words to an incredible hunk of cheese that we tried during the Masterclass. The Snowdonia Cheese Company Beechwood. The cheddar was aged, chopped up, mashed together and then aged again. The result was a creamy hard cheese with soft smoky and sweet flavours. My notes from the evening articulately describe this as “amaze balls.” Swoon. If you’re heading to Plant 4 Bowden / Cheeseaholics anytime soon, make sure you grab some!

The next edition of the Adelaide Wine Markets, The Grenache Fest, is being held on 24 August and early bird tickets are on sale now. See you there!

Words by Vanessa De Chellis



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