Plus 82 Pocha – New Menu – July 2019

Adelaide’s most enigmatic Korean eatery, Plus 82 Pocha is raising its profile. They are coming out from their somewhat underground stature to spread out its fresh range of alluring tapas and street eats to share. Gladly plating up for us and providing the greater public with a new subset menu hosting additional vegan and vegetarian options.

Since opening their doors in September of 2017, this authentic Korean restaurant has been turning tables totally based on word of mouth! With tantalising tastes and to-dine for tapas, we totally understand how they have been a talk of the ‘in the know’ town; thriving amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy city life behind its blackened facade backing off Grenfell Street.

The goal has been to educate Adelaide diners about Korean culture and cuisine. They serve up traditional dishes with their unique flare, keeping them ‘on trend’ amidst the demand for change in the dining scene. This was evident throughout past and present menus; our refreshed experience felt as though we had been taken to the streets of their home towns in Korea travelling over the sea of sustainability with a whole new plane ride of plant-based alternatives.

A smarter, more comfort food way to see the world is now available at Plus 82 Pocha.

Vegan Fried Chicken
Who needs KFC when you can devour some vegan fried chicken? This version totally kicked the fast food chains namesake from my memory with their own Korean Fried Chicken, that’s what it truly stands for right?! We were completely surprised by this concoction of mock meat, there would be no way we would tell the difference if you had served us the real thing alongside it. Surprisingly there was no evidence of a stringy texture that most faux chicken exhibits. Thank you for taking a traditional favourite and turning it vegan. Choose from four flavours; original, sweet chilli, garlic soy and thanx choi. This was all served perfectly pickled radishes, beetroot and jalapeños.

Vegan Tteok-Bokki
This spicy stir-fried rice cake dish was comfortably cooked in gochujang; a divine red chilli pepper paste that is traditional within Korean culture. If you have not tried it before it is a must to add to your repertoire of tastes. The chewy rice cakes were swimming with the succulent sweet and spicy sauce that was soaked up lovingly by the onion, cabbage and carrots. Save this one for the last bite, it’s spicy!

Vegan Japchae
I could taste the feeling of homestyle comfort food coming through in this dish with its perfectly stir-fried sweet potato noodles. Each long and spindly strand significantly soaked in a sweet soy sauce to slurp up. This was intertwined with just the right amount of assorted seasonal vegetables including carrot capsicum and a medley of mushrooms filling you with a feeling of earthly plant-based delights.

Andong Jjimdak
The braised chicken was juicy and succulent amidst the Korean style soy sauce. There was a real rustic flavour coming through for this traditional dish which was not too salty or too sweet. The sweet potato noodles were soft and relevant absorbing all of the authentic flavours. This was perfectly complimented with the selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables including carrot and mushroom with potato.

Deep Fried Rice Cakes
This one is a top favourite! The sweet potato and fish cakes had been laid perfectly on top of the deep fried rice cakes; all elements of this dish soaked up the sweet and spicy gochujang sauce. The chewy rice cakes had been complemented well with the contrasting crunch of the assorted nuts. If you are looking to feel comfort from Korea – This is a dish to pick!

Kimchi Fried Mandoo
The soft filling surprisingly spongey upon the inside after the contrasting crisp bite from the fried Korean dumpling. A new flavour experience with the kimchi filling, spots of rice, somewhat fishy in taste barely biting back with any spice from the kimchi. Balancing out well with the side of dumpling sauce and it’s spring onion floating on top.

If you’re looking to try something new this winter and learn from the Korean street food culture, or if you want to experience traditional Korean tastes in new and innovative ways that surprise and delight than Plus 82 Pocha will keep you in Vogue!

Words by Leesha McGuiness

WHERE: Shop 3, 25 Grenfell St, Adelaide




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