Superstar: The Carpenters Story

Vocal powerhouse Charmaine Jones and renowned musician Chong Lim AM have joined forces to relive the Carpenter duo’s greatest hits. Accompanied by choral groups of all ages from Gospo Enterprises, this performance is nothing short of stunning.

Superstar, ‘The Carpenter Story’ opens with a dazzling performance by Chong on the piano, joined shortly after by the vibrant voice of Charmaine. The pair expertly navigate their way through some of the Carpenters’ most acclaimed pieces, including Top of the World and We’ve Only Just Begun, filling the space with resonant, pitch-perfect tunes. Chong’s expertise and liveliness on the piano accompanied by each singer’s gleeful attitude elevated the show, making it that much more enjoyable to watch.

Between songs, Charmaine and Chong exchange witty comments about how they came to work together on Superstar, and their career in music. Through these brief interludes, it is apparent that the two of them share a love for music and the Carpenters, which translates into a beautifully orchestrated 2-hour performance.

If you’re a fan of the Carpenters, then this tribute is not to be missed. Chong Lim, Charmaine Jones, and the voices of some very talented groups from Gospo Enterprises perfectly encapsulate the effortlessly mellifluous style of the Carpenters, putting on a performance that is equal parts entertaining and admirable.

Words by Xueying Sun


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