Yiasou George

Things change rapidly in the city. With Adelaide’s consistent desire to emulate Melbourne, the streets and alleys morph more and more into something that is unrecognisable. East Terrace is not exempt from this metamorphosis. Charlick’s on East Tce had only been open for two months before its doors were closed and replaced with the new Yiasou George. The circumstances surrounding Charlick’s were simply unfortunate but the people at Yiasou George are more than happy to fill the shoes and keep the evolution of Adelaide rolling.

Yiasou George is a Mediterranean restaurant that embraces a warm, comforting vibe while producing well known yet idyllic dishes. Yiasou looks to put together a typical Greek dining experience (although not solely Greek) and they have put together all the right pieces to get there.

First up is their selection of dips. Served with warm pita bread, this is commonplace for any Greek meal. With 5 dips on offer, along with other meze, this is as fitting an ice breaker as you can get. The Taramasalata with ocean trout roe is the most surprising with a flavour that complements the pita with a touch of saltiness.

If you’re looking for something small, their Kingfish Crudo is a perfect light dinner. Served with ouzo and shaved fennel, it emphasises its fresh ingredients and meshes with the texture of the raw Kingfish. I’m not huge fan of seafood but this made an impact on me. Alongside this you can go for their Shepherd’s Salad with whipped feta. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a Greek salad through and through.

If you’re feeling famished maybe go for the Wood Fired Lamb Shoulder with salsa verde and yoghurt. You can pick either a half shoulder or whole. There isn’t much to this one but it’s cooked well, with meat that pulls apart yet with still a satisfying texture and is reasonably priced. One I don’t think will disappoint.

Both Yiasou George and The Stag Public House are owned by the same group as Nola. A meal at Yiasou George is like dining in the Mediterranean with their delicious well made dishes, and casual relaxed setting. This place is a step up from the previous establishments with a well thought out menu. The meals are well priced and the serving sizes are sufficient. Yiasou George is your laid back Mediterranean diner, and the place to go to fix that rumbling tummy.

Yiasou George is located right next door to The Stag.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 26 East Tce, Adelaide


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