Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019 – Cabaret Collective

Cabaret isn’t just entertaining, it’s a healthy, social and confidence building activity. The lovely ladies at Choo La La live by this ideal, that cabaret and burlesque can be an expression of freedom and self-love. Having expanded their classes across Adelaide and the country Choo La La has become a symbol for ladies everywhere to let everything go and have some good ol’ fun.

The Cabaret Collective is one of many shows that Choo La La has put on throughout the year. An exhibition of the talent and variety that comes through their doors. Now this isn’t a cabaret in the traditional sense. This isn’t a finely-honed performance from professionals that have spent their lives practicing the art. That’s not to say that the dancers don’t exhibit the same passion and fire that you’ll find in any Paris cabaret. There’s a different kind of vibe that fills the halls in a Choo La La show. Everyone on stage is honestly there for themselves.

Choo La La is more of a community then anything else. Using cabaret and burlesque to spread a message of strength and empowerment. This aura spread from its performers to the audience. It is a very different experience. The crowd is there to genuinely impart their love and support for those willing to brave the stage.

With different Choo La La classes from all over city of all different skill levels the Cabaret Collective is a varied kind of show. Some of the obviously more experienced groups can pull off some show-stopping numbers and radiate a feeling akin to any of the best cabaret you’ve seen before. There are other groups who are obviously not at the same level. Yes, this is glaringly obvious but at the same time it doesn’t matter. Putting on a good show is an objective of Choo La La but it’s not their everything. Having fun and doing something you love, that is by far more important.

Choo La La is above all inclusive. From traditional cabaret, to their more artistic contemporary to their dangerous raunchy style, to their stylish seniors tap group and even their Boo La La boys. Comfort level, age, gender, colour, shape or size. None of that matters. All that matters is the love of cabaret.
If this interests, you why don’t you put on your dancing shoes. Choo La La have free trials coming up. Check their website and send them a message for more details.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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