Romeo’s Foodland – Rundle Mall

With 40 stores across both SA and NSW, Romeo’s Foodland has gone from a small supermarket competitor to a local icon. With an emphasis on the best local produce and products Romeo’s aims to be a step above their competition and cater to the needs of their customers with care and thoughtfulness.

Taking on supermarket juggernauts is no easy feat but Romeo’s has managed to pull it off for the last 32 years. This year Romeo’s has taken the next step to being SA’s and Adelaide’s best supermarket with their new flagship store in Rundle Mall. Following the blue print of the Pasadena and Fairview Park Foodland’s, Rundle Mall is more than just your run of the mill supermarket. Sporting a cafe, sushi bar and a Sumo Salad within it’s walls, Romeo’s has placed an emphasis on grab and go food, with their own line of ready made meals also available there is a vast selection for you to chose from if you need to stop by before work.

The key at Romeo’s Foodland is speciality. Delivering an experience that supermarkets haven’t previously delivered. Whether it be their custom cheese cold room along side their normal cheese area, offering a array of cheese varieties that you mostly won’t see elsewhere. They have hired an internal florist who manages customer arrangement of flowers and can organise orders and deliveries. Their deli can arrange grazing tables with an astounding amount and selection of meats, cheeses and other nibbles for your next party or office function.

As has been their aim for the last 32 years, Romeo’s looks to go over and above what you can expect from a typical supermarket and offer a different experience. Being SA based and establishing a strong business that has produced many jobs for our state while supporting SA suppliers Romeo’s is now a state treasure and it’s looks towards continuing to offer a shopping alternative that prizes local support and quality products above all else.

You can visit the new Romeo’s Foodland flagship store in the Rundle St end of Rundle Mall. In between the Nike Store and MacDonalds.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Shop 9, 141-159 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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