Cinnamon Club – App Launch

Home to award winning Indian cuisine, restaurant chain Cinnamon Club have launched a food ordering app. Cinnamon Club is renowned for good value and quality authentic Indian cuisine to dine in and takeaway. They cater to a range of dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten, dairy, and nut-free options (with clear denotations on their menu). Plus, they sell spices in restaurant to recreate your own dishes to your taste at home.

Adelaide Food Central was welcomed to their Norwood address for a Saturday Feast to celebrate their new app. Personally, I am a big fan of food apps and loyalty programs, especially if I want that incentive to try somewhere new. You can read the whole menu and figure out what you want and how much you will spend before you leave the house. The app offers exclusive app only specials and loyalty rewards right at your fingertips and you can a book a table for you and your mates. The app is available at all three restaurants (Hyde Park and Henley Beach too). So, download the app right now (for free obviously) and enjoy 25% off your first order!

If you need a little more convincing, I’ll give you the facts on the restaurant and its food. First of all, you don’t need to take just my word for it that the Cinnamon Club create amazing Indian dishes. They have been voted best Indian restaurant by The Advertiser for almost five years running alongside a number of finalist awards in food excellence.

At their founding establishment at Norwood, the décor is as colourful and bright as the food. The walls feature vivid paintings or murals from roof to floor. The painted young woman wearing bejeweled headwear and a sari makes for a wonderful backdrop for your next Instagram photo. The elephant-headed Hindu god of success Ganesha resides on the back wall, their bright pink trunk following the delightful smell to the kitchen. Small chandeliers cast a glow over the warm space.

In such a beautiful setting there can only be beautiful, tasty food. I sampled bite sized versions of their delectable dishes starting with the Chandni Chowk Ke Puchke: sphere-shaped thin, crispy parcels with an opening for a filling of potatoes, chickpeas and yogurt. The light crunch and soft blend of flavours set the tone for the dishes that followed

Cinnamon Club has all your go-to curries and the easily agreed shared entrees like Chicken Samosas: light and crispy fried pastry with a soft inside balancing vegetables and spices. Another favourite is the Tandoori Chicken which is boneless roasted chicken so juicy and tender it breaks apart in your mouth. Its bright orange colour is thanks to a heavy hand of paprika and cumin spices.

For those uninitiated with Indian cuisine, you will probably find many dishes on the menu you have never heard of before. The Hara Bhara Kebab are vegetarian kebabs (try the platter of the range) with peas and spinach and blended with spice mixes. And there are scores of breads to accompany dishes such as the Masala Kulka: tandoori bread filled with herbs and paneer cheese.

Finishing the Indian fest on a sweet note, we savoured sweet warm dumplings called in Gulab Jamun. The irresistible sweetness comes from being dipped in rose syrup. Is your mouth watering too?

Thank you Cinnamon Club and Mercy Me Marketing for treating us to a Saturday Feast. Try Cinnamon Club’s authentic Indian cuisine for yourself at Norwood (right on the Parade), Hyde Park and Henley Beach, and download the app today to take advantage of their extra special deals.

Words and Images by Chloe Cannell



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