A brand new Thai restaurant has opened its doors along Glen Osmond Rd.

Only six weeks old, Ultrapan is already starting to gain a local following that is sure to only grow.

Offering traditional Thai favourites as well as new fusion dishes, the new restaurant has something that is sure to please everyone’s tastebuds.

Ultrapan is also vegetarian and gluten free friendly, with half the menu even dedicated to purely vegetarian and vegan options.

The word Ultrapan means ‘Good Thai Cooking’; the name surely suiting what they have to offer.

Stuffed T is whole tomatoes stuffed with chicken mince and prawns. The flavourful meat, mixed with many herbs and spices paired wonderfully with the sweet tang of the cooked tomato. It was served with thick, oozy syrup that was rich in flavour, balancing the sweet and savoury flavours of the dish. Packed full of flavour, the Stuffed T was a delicious and perfect way to start our tasting. This entrée dish came with two whole stuffed tomatoes, perfect for sharing, or if you are a bit like me, you might want to have them both to yourself!

The Salmon Sashimi is not a traditional Thai dish but was fused with delicious Thai flavours; a Nahm Jim dressing, topped with peanuts. The Nahm Jim dressing is slightly tangy with a hint of sweetness, which paired well with the fresh salmon. The smooth and fresh fish was cut and prepared perfectly, while the crunchy peanuts added an earthy element and a crunchy texture to the overall dish.

The Pad Thai stir-fried noodles were cooked with tamarind, garlic chives, chicken and peanuts. This traditional dish was cooked perfectly. The noodles were lovely and smooth with a slight firm texture, which complimented the chicken pieces, which were beautiful and tender and had a slight smoky flavour. Chilli flakes were sprinkled on the side, adding heat to the dish and another flavour element. The peanuts added an earthy flavour that balanced out the chilli heat and also added crunch to the smooth noodles and soft chicken. The added greens lifted the dish while the fresh lime juice added tang and helped tie the dish together.

The Spicy Thug Wings were on fire and definitely lived up to their name. The crispy chicken wings were coated in an Isaan seasoning; producing a mixture of salt, spice and sour flavours. The heat from the coating builds and lingers on the lips and tongue; a perfect dish for those who love heat. A lovely zesty tang from the lime added to the generous spicy coating was a lovely burst of flavour. The wings were also cooked perfectly, very tender and soft, balancing textures with the crispy coating.

The Lamb Cutlets was another well-cooked dish. Marinated in fresh herbs and spices, the lamb was soft and tender, and not too spicy, giving stage to the richer flavours of the lamb itself. It was served with a sweeter sauce with slaty and earthy spices that sung together on the plate. Overall, a perfect balance of flavours.

The Massaman Curry is made from six hour braised beef with potato and peanuts to garnish. The beautiful and lean portions of beef simply fell apart, as well as the soft potato pieces. The curry sauce itself was not too hot but full of fragrant spices coating the tender beef. The peanuts on top added lifting earthy tones beautifully balancing with the deeper flavours of the meat. A beautiful aromatic dish packed full of flavour; the Massaman Curry was definitely one of our favourite dishes of the night.

The Duck Curry is made with confit duck in a tangerine based red curry with lychee and pineapples. The fragrant curry had a slight sweetness to it from the tangerine base and the added lychee and pineapple pieces. The combination of spices gave off aroma and flavour, while the chilli added a small amount of heat to balance. The duck itself was cooked perfectly; lovely juicy and tender, with a deeper more rich flavour that paired perfectly with the lighter curry broth.

The Wok Aubergine is stir-fried vegetables with onion, capsicum and basil. This vegetarian dish contained sweet eggplant that was char grilled, adding balancing smoky flavours to the sweet vegetable. There were different levels of sweetness with the onion and capsicum however; the dish still was very hearty and savoury from the smoke flavours. The crunch from the crisp vegetable leaves added a delightful textural balance.

The Grilled Chicken was marinated in mild banana chilli and turmeric and had a lovely smoky chargrill flavour on the skin. The chicken was lovely and tender in the middle while the skin gave a slight crunch from where it sat on the grill. The mild banana and turmeric marinade gave off pops of colour and flavour, full of spices, almost like a yellow curry. The Grilled Chicken also came with a chilli based dip that added some heat to the mild chicken.

The Larb Mushroom dish is sautéed enoki, Swiss brown and king oyster mushrooms with soft herbs and rice powder. Each mushroom type had a slightly different earthy flavours, the king oyster mushroom being more rich in flavour while the enoki was lighter. They were all cooked perfectly, not too soft and still holding shape and texture. The dressing contained a slight spice that warmed your mouth, while the mushrooms were cooling, having a sweet earthy flavour. This dish definitely shows you can have a lovely burst of flavours with not very many ingredients.

The Papaya Salad was a Bangkok style green papaya salad with peanuts. There were many lovely, crunchy textures within the salad. The crisp papaya and vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce and carrot, were all fresh, crisp and light. The dressing mixed into the salad had a spicy kick to it, balancing with the lighter flavours of the vegetables; and the cooling, earthy tones from the crushed peanuts. Overall a spicy but refreshing dish with lots of flavour.

The traditional Fried Rice at Ultrapan was made with tofu and raisins. I had never tried fried rice made with these ingredients before and boy was I pleased. The fried rice included many fragrant Thai spices, which were packed full of flavour; giving off a nice warmth but without the spicy heat. A lovely sweet tang came from the raisins, while a more earthy flavour came from the tofu, which soaked up all the flavours from the Thai spices. A lovely slight smoky tang also come from the chargrilled vegetables such as the beans and capsicum. A lovely base dish made unique.

We were very pleased with all the dishes at Ultrapan and also the service. Our dishes arrived shortly after ordering and each dish was beautifully fragrant and fresh; while the happy and friendly staff were there to help whenever we needed it.

Ultrapan and is a must try for anyone wanting to experience good Thai cuisine; and I am sure I will be back there very soon.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 287-291 Glen Osmond Rd, Glenunga


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