Food Truck and Sand Sculpture Festival

Sandstorm Events has been bringing world class works of art to South Australia for 3 years now.

Previously based in Port Noarlunga, the architects have since moved to Harts Mill in Port Adelaide and for good reason. Their previous location in Port Noarlunga brought with it some limitations. Now at Harts Mill, Sandstorm has gone bigger and better. The sand sculptures are still beautiful and intricates displays with more depth and complexity then they could have achieved in their old location. Also joining the fray is an attractive line up of food vendors, serving hot food, desserts and drinks.

Adelaide Food Central went to check out not only the exquisite sculptures but also all the food this event has on offer. The previous Sandstorm events saw us visit the worlds of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland in sand. This year things have been ramped up. Detailed villagers, complex jungle environments, towering models and iconic scenes. Everything is represented in this display. With more activities for kids and a night time display that puts the exhibits in a different light. Sandstorm have absolutely out done their previous efforts. Speaking with their Installation director this is only the beginning. Plans are already in place for even greater displays with partnerships being made with other outlets to bring even more fantastic sculptures and art to Port Adelaide and expand.

The food on offer comes a close second as a highlight of the event. Food trucks and vendors bring some fantastic dishes to accompany your experience. From the flavoursome Laksa Dumplings from Humpty Dumplings to the exotic twist on Arancini Balls from Moorish Bites. What day at the sand isn’t complete without dessert. Waffle Stix and Freeze ‘n’ Roll present some incredibly unique and original desserts to make everyone’s day the best ever, especially the kids.

This is a perfect day out kind of event and we here at Adelaide Food Central are looking forward to their next big event. We bet it’ll be bigger and better yet again.

Words and Photos by Jonathon Tonkin


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