50SIXONE Kitchen and Dessert Bar – New Menu April 2019

50SIXONE has been leading the way for dessert bars in SA for the past few years and now have three locations at Hyde Park, Prospect, and Henley Beach.

With a few signature staples on their menu, 50SIXONE has recently revamped some of its dishes, introducing a new variety of flavours to both its sweet and savoury offerings.

We tried out some of the new items on their menu and here’s what we thought:

Breakfast Hash
With generous cubes of both roasted white potato and sweet potato, this dish is great for sharing! Served in a skillet and tossed with a house made mix of chorizo, capsicum, and red onion, topped with a sunny-side-up egg along with a side of Napolitana sauce, this dish is rustic yet bursting with flavour.

Aloha Fries
Boy, was it easy it eat this entire dish without even realising! With Napolitana sauce, a three cheese mix, bacon, and pineapple, the Aloha Fries will have you thinking you’re on a beach. Not to mention, waffle fries instead of shoestring fries means each chip holds a lot more topping, retaining maximum enjoyment. This dish takes loaded fries to the extreme!

Garden Gangster
One for the vegos out there, the Garden Gangster serves up roast tomato, roast pumpkin, grilled halloumi, truffled mushrooms, spinach, two poached eggs, with a house made crispy potato waffle hash brown (emphasis on crispy!). Served with toasted sourdough bread and, of course, creamy smashed avo, this dish is the breakfast of champions.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
The new burger on the 50SIXONE block is none other than Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! With a juicy beef patty, tomato, crisp lettuce, bacon, pineapple, capsicum, red onion, egg, and tomato salsa on a brioche bun, this is just a good ol’ hearty burger.

Hawt Dog
What a cracker this dish was! The Hawt Dog was absolutely loaded to the brim with huge Barossa-smoked kabana, dry-aged ground beef, a sweet corn and tomato salsa, and cheese, topped with a smoky sriracha sauce. Served with a side of house made salsa and fries, if a hot dog and a taco had a baby, it would be the Hawt Dog.

Red Velvet Pancakes
One of 50SIXONE’s signature dishes from the beginning is the Red Velvet Pancakes. With soft and fluffy pancakes and a deliciously sweet vanilla mascarpone offset by the slight sourness of the berry compote, then brought back home by the house made vanilla bean ice cream, we can see why this dish has been a winner all along.

“Have A Break…”
This dish is for all you chocoholics! Made up of toasted yet soft Belgian waffle with Belgian chocolate-coated waffle fingers, copious amounts of Kit Kat chocolate pieces, served with delicious chocolate ice cream, “Have A Break…” is enough to turn anyone into a sweet-tooth!

Bubbalicious Shake
What’s a visit to 50SIXONE without trying one (or a few!) of their Insta famous shakes?! The brightly coloured Bubbalicious Shake strawberry and bubblegum thickshake is definitely as Insta-worthy as a it gets with a Belgian white chocolate and sprinkles dipped jar rim and topped with whipped cream and fairy floss, served with fluffy marshmallows.

Livin’ La Vida Mocha Shake
Can’t decide between a coffee or a thickshake? Why not have both? With a Belgian milk chocolate and Oreo crumb dipped rim and topped with whipped cream, fairy floss and a Belgian chocolate and chocolate wafer ball straw, this vanilla and coffee thickshake is for the more sophisticated (but definitely still fun) of us.

What’s New Kitty-Kat? Shake
Our favourite shake of the day, the What’s New Kitty-Kat? combines delicious wafer and choc chip flavours into a blended thickshake. Topped with whipped cream, Oreo crumb, a chocolate-dipped round wafer biscuit, chocolate wafer sticks AND a whole Kit Kat bar, there’s really nothing to fault in this shake!
Now with an extensive brunch AND dessert menu offered at all three locations, 50SIXONE is sure to have just what you’re craving!

50SIXONE is located in Hyde Park, Prospect, and Henley Beach and is open Mondays to Thursdays 9am til 10pm and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 8am til 11pm at all stores.

Words by Geena Ho



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