Barossa Vintage Festival 2019 – Brunch with the Black Queen

Last Saturday, after a leisurely drive through the road renovations up north, we enjoyed a decadent Brunch with the Black Queen, hosted by Peter Lehmann Wines at the gorgeous Musque in Tanunda. Who is the Black Queen you ask? It is Peter Lehmann’s renowned sparkling shiraz; a voluptuous, welcoming and fun loving empress who has recently acquired a new royal wardrobe (and by that I mean the bottle has been re-labelled).

This event was held as part of the Barossa Vintage Festival, a biennial event celebrating the fruits of the regions labour. Traditionally Brunch with the Black Queen is held at the Peter Lehmann winery, however, due to the winery’s much anticipated renovations, the event was instead held at Musque; a mood lit evening-til-late venue in the heart of Tanunda.

Upon arrival, we were handed a glass of the Black Queen and were then magnetically attracted to the stunning grazing table in the centre of the room. The catering team had curated a feast for hungry eyes. Every element on the board was thoughtfully selected from the soft blue french cheese, to the house made shiraz fermented sourdough, pâtè, figs, fresh fruits and rustic crisp breads. I promptly picked up a fig segment, stuffed it with the soft blue and then wrapped it in prosciutto. It was a happy time.

The next stages of brunch were a handful of tantalising canapés which kept on coming until we were bursting. The stars of the show were the goats cheese and leek tarts, the toasted brioche with smoked salmon and marscapone and, of course, the flaky croissants. When we thought we couldn’t eat any more, out came the most delectable citrus tarts topped with berries galore and, honestly, the fluffiest and most scrumptious chocolate brownies to ever grace our lips.

The brunch was set against the backdrop of the main strip where a parade of producers in the area was taking place. It was wonderful to be a part of the celebration in this way and feel the sense of community within one of Australia’s most renowned wine regions. We’re looking forward to attending Brunch with the Black Queen once again at the next Barossa Vintage Festival!

Words by Vanessa De Chellis



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